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Join the Metaverse Movement With This High-Potential Crypto Project – Secure Your Spot Now

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The recent play-to-earn concept, which allows players to earn while entertaining themselves, has led to a rise of metaverse games in the Web3 space. More projects are starting metaverse-focused initiatives, and RobotEra, a Sandbox-esque project, is one of them. 

The native token $TARO, which controls the in-world economy, is now one of the best metaverse cryptos to buy today, having raised more than $808,300 in just a few months.

Enter Into a World of Freedom

RobotEra, unveiled in 2022, intends to meld numerous important Web3 ideas. The RobotEra designers want to produce a project akin to the Sandbox with their project. Thanks to this virtual world known as Taro, players can enjoy a genuine experience and make gains as they play. 

The planet’s former inhabitants fought against the robots they created, resulting in the world’s destruction. The game begins with the robots stranded and attempting to rebuild Taro to make it their home.

Players are in charge of creating digital personas, or avatars, and assisting Taro in its rebuilding. They can construct assets on their land using the robot NFT as their avatar. These assets will include mining the game world’s in-game token, $TARO, producing video games that can be played on these particular pieces of land, and adding digital structures to the land. All these assets will be developed using the project’s built-in, user-friendly tools.

A Virtual World Opened to Everyone

RobotEra aims to provide access to a vast multidimensional metaverse platform with various features. This includes interaction, creation, management, and entertainment. It promises an alternate universe that offers a vibrant gaming experience while benefiting from cryptocurrency and digital assets. 

The game is open to anyone regardless of age, gender, profession, or socioeconomic status. Players will be free to design their planet, settle down, and take control of their resources. 

All gamers will enjoy an exciting gaming experience with RobotEra, and players have total control over whatever they own. Since all items, including avatars and in-game properties, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), users are free to exchange and pay for them. 

Players also have the chance to earn massive incomes, which could become their primary source of living. Apart from this, there are other advantages they can look forward to. 

The RobotEra scripting language will allow universal accessibility. The scripting language will let players create objects, load textures, encode user interactions, make payments, and make external calls, among other things.

In order to market their goods, services, and events, brands may place billboards near or in areas of heavy traffic. Some areas might develop into digital replicas of Times Square in New York City. Brands may position their products and design shared experiences to connect with their audience.

Besides that, players can access the publishing, distribution, and collection of valuable digital assets issued on the blockchain by their creators. Similar to how they are traded in other virtual worlds or online forums, these digital assets will be traded within this world through the RobotEra-supported scripting framework.

It is important to note that RobotEra can be played without significant coding or technical know-how. Due to the platform’s lack of additional hardware or software requirements, it is perfect for gamers of all abilities.

TARO: RoboteEra’s Powerhouse

The $TARO token, dubbed one of the top metaverse cryptos to invest in, powers the RobotEra’s multiverse. The digital asset is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 utility coin. 

TARO, which is currently on presale, has gained a reputation as one of the most popular presales on the market. Given that the project is still in its early stages, it is impressive that the asset’s presale has raised more than $808,000.

The price of the cryptocurrency token, currently $0.020, will steadily rise as each presale stage is finished.

At press time, RobotEra has sold 40,415,033 of the 90,000,000 first-stage tokens available. When stage one is completed, stage two will begin, and the price of TARO will rise to $0.025.

Investors with USDT or ETH in their wallets will have no difficulty making purchases, and when the general presale ends, they can proceed to the claim page to obtain their TARO tokens.

Buy TARO on Presale Now

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