Jason Hsu Talks About His Massive Giveaways

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Cryptocurrency has continued to attract a lot of popularity, and more people are joining the market. Finding information on the industry has also become easier for a novice trader, especially with people sharing tips on different digital platforms. Jason Hsu is a product marketer and blockchain expert sharing his knowledge and experience in the industry and giving away crypto prizes.

Jason is the product marketer at BitMart, where he’s in charge of token listings and their life cycles. Jason also runs marketing campaigns for existing and new projects and conducts interviews with CEOs and founders.

While he started working in the industry in 2019, Jason has been following crypto news and mining Bitcoin since 2014. He co-founded KryptoGO USA, a SaaS provider for affordable and lightweight KYC/AML solutions, and helped build Bincentive from the ground up. An advanced auto-trading platform, Bincentive, eliminates the need to have investors send their assets to professional traders. The platform offers trading bots, lowered entry barriers to crypto hedge funds, fixed income products, and CeFi/Defi services.

According to Jason, while he has always had an interest in cryptocurrency, what fueled his passion more was his experience working at KryptoGO USA and Bincentive. He notes that it was then he realized the full potential of blockchain technology. This inspired him to share his knowledge with others and help people learn more about future opportunities and developments.

Banks and government organizations are being threatened by decentralized finance and governance. Projects are being stonewalled by regulations because the big traditional players have not caught up. I stand in between to help educate both sides for the goal of mass adoption,” says Jason. In doing so, he also shares his personal experience with projects he has come in contact with and gives traders a little push with his massive giveaways.

Speaking about the giveaways, Jason explains that he hosts contests on his Instagram. These are mostly about new and upcoming projects in the market, which he gets to showcase now and then. To get clear insight, Jason interviews the CEO or founder and breaks down the content into understandable terms for the audience. Jason explains that to stand a chance to win the pool prize, all you have to do is watch the videos and make relevant comments.

Even after a decade after its introduction, blockchain technology continues to attract a lot of attention with the adoption of its applications across different sectors. Although some are still reluctant, Jason notes it has greatly improved. This has, in turn, opened room for more opportunities as there have been more cryptocurrencies coming up. Having been in the industry for years, Jason uses his experience and network to help traders find their footing and stay updated with new projects. His contests are building awareness and boosting fellow traders in a fun and engaging manner.

His advice to anyone looking to join the crypto space is to invest in research. “The industry is ever-changing, and there are new trends at least every quarter,” says Jason. To get the upper hand, learning should be a continuous process. He notes, “before investing in any cryptocurrency, it’s essential that you understand what utility it offers.”

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