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ISLAMICOIN: New Crypto Honoring The Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad – 200M Coins Giveaway FREE

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by

ISLAMICOIN’s marketing campaign commenced in celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in 19th of October with a FREE AirDrop of 200 Million ISLAMICOIN. Any individual interested can simply follow the AirDrop link at the bottom of this article, input their wallet address and receive 10,000 ISLAMICOIN free – no commission, no gas fees.


ISLAMICOIN is a cryptocurrency creating a solution to financial independence for the future of the global Muslim community. Built and devised based on the latest blockchain technology through Polygon, ISLAMICOIN is a token created to establish and launch a secure, reliable, and trusted Islamic currency that facilitates commerce exchanges and financial transactions around the world.

Run by a network of professionals, including team leaders and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in the fields of finance, cryptocurrency, media, and trade, the greatest advantage of ISLAMICOIN is being supported by brilliant and trusted names and brands in media and trade businesses and charity organizations.

Additionally, according to ISLAMICOIN WhitePaper published on, “ISLAMICOIN will be in compliance with the values and ethics of the Islamic religion through integrating the success of ISLAMICOIN with the main pillars of Islam, this means an investment in ISLAMICOIN is also an investment in humanitarian and charitable causes.”

The ISLAMICOIN project is the first tech start-up aimed at the crypto investors community but also to every Muslim individual and family, allowing them to trade, invest, and learn about crypto assets.

The company roadmap includes the research and development of a proprietary ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN that will grow and prove its competency and presence in the worldwide financial trading platforms. ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN will be a secure smart-contract blockchain encompassing the organizations, businesses and companies working under Islamic finance, promoting Halal products, family entertainment, noble causes and services.

Lastly, the ISLAMICOIN project will culminate in the creation of a thriving e-commerce platform for businesses and nonprofits where they will be able to upload their products and services to expand their reach. ISLAMICOIN’s expansive online marketplace will give them access to millions of active buyers worldwide that are interested in their products and opportunities to grow and expand while reaching a prime consumer-based audience.

The main targets of ISLAMICOIN’s project is to drive the Islamic economic sector in a seven-fold approach:

  • IslaMedia video platform
  • Islamic Gaming
  • Islamic Fashion
  • Halal Products
  • Charitable Products
  • Sadaka and Zakat
  • Islamic Travel

ISLAMICOIN confirms its commitment to activities and operations based on high transparency and credibility, ensuring its adherence to by-laws contesting money laundering and various forms of financial crime and fraud.

For more information on how to invest or how to participate visit

Free AirDrop:

Contract Address:





Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.