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Is Andrew Tate Still Bullish on Crypto as New Interview Comes Out – Will There Ever Be An Official Tate Token?

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 1 min read
Source: Twitter / Cobratate

A highly anticipated new interview conducted by Valuetainment with controversial influencer Andrew Tate is premiering on YouTube right now.

The former champion kickboxer turned entrepreneur, internet troll and motivational influencer Andrew Tate has previously said that he is bullish on blue-chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto investors will be keeping a close eye on the wide-ranging interview for any further insights as to Tate’s views on crypto, though the discussion will likely be dominated by themes such as his recent imprisonment in Romania and ongoing house arrest.

Tate has in the past trolled the internet and crypto space by teasing that he may endorse a “shitcoin”, though this appears to have been a joke, with Tate ultimately maintaining that he would never endorse a crypto he didn’t believe in.

Crypto speculators have long hoped that Andrew Tate might release his own token.

Tate is yet to signal an intent to do so, but that hasn’t stopped players within the crypto space from creating their own Tate-themed tokens.

Some have done very well, though most have only lived short lives before fading into irrelevance.

New Tate/AI-Themed Token Explodes Into Life

But a new Tate-themed coin appears to be trying to leverage the virality of AI to give it a longer life cycle than previous Tate tokens.

TateGPT (TATEGPT) just launched on Uniswap and has almost doubled from its launch price in less than an hour.

TATEGPT was last trading around $0.002, giving it a market cap of around $1.5 million.

And despite only launching just over an hour ago, TATEGPT already has accumulated nearly $1.5 million in liquidity and has already seen nearly $1.5 million in trading volumes.

The project’s website describes the token as “the future of tate speech” and as “free speech AI”.

The easiest way to buy TateGPT is via the token’s website, which contains a direct embed to Uniswap that ensures users are purchasing the right TATEGPT token.

View TateGPT on DEXTools Here