Invest in the Future of the Planet For a Profit – How Chimpzee Turns Sustainability into a Source of Crypto Passive Income

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Sustainability and passive income?

It’s a weird combo, for sure. But Chimpzee has managed to combine them by drawing on its Web3 capabilities.

The new green crypto project uses a meme coin packaging and a three-pillar reward system to bring more awareness and engagement to wildlife conservation.

Invest in the future of the planet

Chimpzee is one of the hottest meme coins of December 2023. In fact, the green token has been trending in November, drawing retail as well as whale investments into its ongoing presale that is now in the last phase.

As a meme coin, Chimpzee embodies the characteristics of both humans and apes. That is unparalleled in the meme coin market, although there have been ape-themed tokens before.

The theme serves as a symbol for the movement against wildlife destruction.

The central half-human, half-ape character called Chimpzee is on a vigorous fight against wildlife atrocities, which it initiates through its three-pillar ecosystem.

For example, the interactive play-to-earn game of the platform called The Zero Tolerance reinforces this commitment. The game’s theme revolves around the battle against wildlife crimes. In addition to providing a fun and gripping source of income, the play-to-earn game will raise awareness about wildlife destruction and the pressing need to put an end to it.

Chimpzee strategically positions itself within the meme coin market to gain exposure to rapid price pumps. The meme coin label makes the project appealing to speculative investors seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities.

In fact, the heavy influx of presale traffic over the last few weeks has a lot to do with a prospective pump, predicted to begin within hours of the token launch.

The meme coin dimension of the project will drive its early price movements.

But that’s not enough for prudent investors, who evaluate the long-term perspectives of a project and the role the native token plays in pushing it ahead.

Although meme coins generally harbor risks of sudden price drops or ‘dumps,’ Chimpzee has taken measures to not fall prey to the trap.

The three-pillar ecosystem of Chimpzee is designed to maintain the sustainability of the project over time. In addition, the platform’s implementation of a burning mechanism fortifies $CHMPZ against broader market volatility. It ensures its resilience in the face of market downtrends.

How to earn crypto passive income with Chimpzee?

If you’re looking for perfectly passive income with Chimpzee, the best way is to invest in $CHMPZ tokens. $CHMPZ functions as a utility coin in the ecosystem, establishing a foundation of steady growth and expansion for the project.

You can also invest in Chimpzee NFT Passports, which bring a wide range of benefits to the Chimpzee ecosystem. If you’re looking to make the best use of the platform, you should hold these passports. In addition to earning platform privileges and extra rewards, you can stake the NFT passports for attractive APYs.

The crypto-based passive income strategies of Chimpzee are incorporated across its shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn platforms. We discussed how the play-to-earn platform supports Chimpzee’s cause in the above section.

But the key pillar of Chimpzee is its shop-to-earn platform that features fashionable merchandise adorned with climate action slogans. It offers customers the chance to earn passive rewards in CHMPZ tokens with each purchase.

The third pillar is the NFT marketplace, where a trade-to-earn model takes center stage with a distinctive profit-sharing mechanism targeting active traders.

How does Chimpzee contribute to wildlife missions?

Let’s get to the most important part now.

Chimpzee maintains an unparalleled level of transparency within the climate action community. Its decentralized blockchain foundation lends strong support to the global cause, as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Chimpzee channels a significant portion of its earnings toward environmental initiatives. For this reason, investing in $CHMPZ tokens is both a financial and a social investment. The project’s commitment to philanthropic causes is evident from its various charitable contributions initiated during the presale phase.

Chimpzee formed alliances with organizations, such as WILD Foundation, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block, among others, to make donations to various environmental causes in the presale phase.

Is it too late to buy?

If the presale is still live, it is not too late to buy $CHMPZ tokens. In the last stage of the presale, early investors can grab $CHMPZ tokens for $0.00155 per piece. They can also take advantage of the current bonus and giveaway to drop the price to what was seen in the early presale stages.

To further engage the early investment community, Chimpzee has introduced an attractive bonus program.

Check out the token calculator to understand how many bonus coins your presale investment is eligible for.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘End of Presale $CHMPZ Giveaway‘ either, where lucky participants have the opportunity to take home a massive amount of CHMPZ tokens.

Chimpzee is slated for its initial listing on P2B. The prominent European crypto exchange has a user base of approximately 1 million and a substantial trading volume. The grand debut listing will mark an important milestone for the coin.


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