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Invest in the Future of the Metaverse with This New Crypto Project – Don’t Miss Out on the Presale

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Crypto analysts believe that RobotEra is the future of the metaverse and social interactions.

Apart from offering rewards for gaming, this new play-to-earn (P2E) game will allow players to generate multiple income streams from the ecosystem.

Participate in Rebuilding a Virtual World 

RobotEra is a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse with players as robots. The platform, launched in November 2022, is backed by LBank Labs. It offers access to different futuristic concepts, including social metaverse interactions and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

RobotEra’s gameplay is quite interesting. According to the plot, Taro was destroyed after a battle between its residents and an invading army of robots. An indigenous scientist eventually activated a “new life,” which destroyed all natives and left robots with human emotions and thoughts. With nowhere else to go, these robots must rebuild the world.

Players can choose as many robot avatars as they want. The game has seven factions of robots, each with its objective and unique traits. These avatars are NFTs, and players can sell or hold on to them. 

The primary objective of the game is for users to participate in world-building. To accomplish this goal, they must acquire resources and lands, create robot companions, and participate in the world’s remodeling. Because this is a decentralized project, players can restructure and recreate the universe as they see fit. 

RobotEra has a theme of futuristic robots and avatars in the metaverse, and unlike other metaverse platforms, the game leans heavily on its social aspect. Players can attend concerts, play games, engage in quests, and much more. 

The game also makes it possible for players to create interactive experiences. They can personalize the land and buildings they build with an interactive editor without coding or programming knowledge. All these properties and NFTs can be sold on RobtoEra’s marketplace.

In addition, RobotEra’s development team has employed an innovative approach to ensuring that social interactions are always unique. Players can monetize their properties in different ways, for instance, a player could hold an event on the platform and charge others for tickets, or they could own billboards and charge anyone for placing ads. 

The TARO Token

RobotEra also has its native token called TARO. The digital asset is primarily used to purchase and sell NFTs via the game’s in-app marketplace, although holders can also stake it to earn more units. 

Inventors looking to buy this asset can do so via its current presale. TARO has had an impressive outing, raising $557,000 in its presale

The digital asset is in the first stage of its presale for $0.020. The next stage will see TARO’s price rise to $0.025, while the final stage will peg the asset’s price at $0.032. 

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