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Invest in Your Fitness Journey and Get Recognized with Fight Out – Celebrate Your Progress with Rewards

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 2 min read

The Fight Out presale has now raised more than $4 million as it continues to race through its allocation ahead of a major 2023.

The project is set to revolutionize the fitness world and move to earn, with its new fitness app rewarding users who complete workouts at home or in a gym.

FGHT tokens are on sale for $0.02060 at the time of writing but increase in price every 12 hours.

By the end of the presale – March 31, 2023 – FGHT tokens will cost $0.0333, an increase of 62% from the current price.

Presale investors can also earn 50% extra in bonus tokens during the presale, depending on the size of their purchase and the length of time they choose to vest tokens.

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Get Rewards for Working Out

Fight Out will allow gym goers of all levels to earn rewards and perks simply for completing exercises.

Unlike previous move-to-earn projects, which have largely focused on steps, Fight Out will use smart technology to reward full-body workouts.

The fitness app will measure movement, effort, sleep and nutrition to provide an individual workout regime, as well as put together a digital fitness profile. Users then earn rewards and upgrade their profile by completing workouts. 

Fight Out users are rewarded in REPS – a second, off-chain token – which can be used to get discounts on app subscription, book personal trainers or purchase apparel, supplements or equipment.

The app will also have numerous social features including the ability to earn extra REPS by pitting users against each other in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

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Earn 50% Extra FGHT

FGHT tokens are used to underpin the project and can also be staked to generate a passive income.

Fight Out has allocated just 9.5% of the 10 billion max supply to the with another 4.5% to its bonus scheme and 10% for exchange liquidity.

The remaining allocation will be vested and unlocked over five years and used to fund the growth of the platform.

Presale investors are able to earn up to an extra 50% on their purchase depending on two factors – purchase amount and vesting period.

The bonuses are triggered in stages, from 0% to 25% for each. 

For example, an investor spending under $500 and vesting for the minimum of 3 months will get no extra rewards, while one who spends more than $50k and chooses the full 24 month vesting period will earn the full 25%.

The project is also offering a four-tier membership scheme which also unlocks additional perks such as signed merch and free app subscription.

Fight Out, which comes from a doxxed and KYC verified team, is also offering a mega $250,000 FGHT token giveaway for one lucky winner.

The FGHT token presale is set to close on March 31, 2023, with the initial exchange offering slated to take place on April 5, 2023.

Join the Fight Out Telegram for the latest news on the project.

Buy FGHT Tokens Now

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