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Introducing The Future of Liquidity: Orderly Omnichain Now LIVE on Mainnet!

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.


Orderly’s institutional-grade infrastructure and shared liquidity model is now available to builders on EVM mainnet!

Orderly Network launched a novel method to solve the current issues of fragmented liquidity. A problem with decentralized protocols is that there are thousands of small liquidity clusters. In CeFi, there are huge liquidity concentrations in one order book, giving them a massive advantage over their decentralized counterparts. Orderly is leveling the playing grounds with a shared order book for all major blockchains, while still being decentralized.

Orderly Network has an extremely powerful off-chain matching engine where all orders are matched, while maintaining self-custody with on-chain transparency unlike centralized exchanges. All transactions are settled on our settlement layer, fully transparent as it should be. All transactions are gasless and secured by Ethereum.

It may sound like funds are being moved around a lot, but in reality, your funds never move. Using LayerZero technology, only messages are transferred. Your assets are safely in a vault on your chain of choice the entire time. No more bridges and no more wrapped assets. A huge security upgrade to current cross-chain solutions. Our first vault is now live on Arbitrum mainnet.

It offers a CeFi experience on the frontend and a DeFi approach on the backend.

We pride ourselves on building the ultimate trading “LEGO” for builders. We enable builders to rapidly deploy advanced trading features that would usually take months to build. The Orderly SDK will be a powerful tool for all builders.

We have also built an order book experience that is unlike any you have experienced before in DeFi. We have a robust background in market making, and know exactly what professional traders require for them to bring in large volumes. Degens now have access to infrastructure usually reserved for institutions.

“Our vision has always been to enable developers to focus on pioneering advancements, rather than the groundwork,”  says Ran Yi, CEO of Orderly Network. “With the launch of our Mainnet Omnichain Perpetual Futures CLOB, we’re taking a monumental stride in democratizing DEX development for all.”

WOOFi, the decentralized arm of WOO Network, has been testing our perp infrastructure on Arbitrum testnet over the past few weeks. Billions of dollars of trading volume have been processed with outstanding reviews.

We invite both users and builders to experience Orderly’s top-tier institutional infrastructure on mainnet! Builders, get ready to rapidly deploy advanced trading tools and seamlessly plug into our liquidity. Prepare for a decentralized journey that surpasses anything you’ve encountered before.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.