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Introducing of DeFi2.0 Intelligent Ecology (DEFIAI)

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DEFIAI is a decentralized intelligent aggregator of DeFi 2.0 with multi-strategies and high returns. It assists the users to complete the DEFI mining intelligently, capture the high-return pool in real-time, complete the compound interest and generate the high return.

How does DEFIAI work? 

DEFIAI is automatically operated on the public chain. It is decentralized, is not controlled artificially, and is not regulated by the policies. The settlement should not be reviewed. With the simple operation, the user only inputs with one key. DEFIAI could match the strategies intelligently and distribute the fund to maximize the revenue according to the number of funds.

For example, if the user borrows in the debit and credit, it is the deposit and you could undoubtedly obtain the stable high-interests from the lender in the DeFi capital pool. DEFIAI will put the stable return in the super-high return pool (such as liquid mining) and automatically obtains a compound interest in various return pools.

Main advantage of DeFiAI

DEFIAI is not only a tool, but a revolutionary innovation for decentralized aggregate revenue, to establish a new generation of a more intelligent and safer credit aggregation ecosystem. DEFIAI could aggregate the capitals, service, and interfaces.

DEFIAI has great advantages in product functions, especially in liquidity mining and income aggregators. It includes:

One-click mining

By allocating funds to the preferred DEFI protocol, screening of high-yield and high-liquidity protocols, and participating in liquidity mining, novice users can also easily get started.

Low handling fee

Switch between different protocols and mining pools to filter the highest profit. The Gas fee spent on invoking these contracts is operated centrally by AI, and the Gas fee is shared by users to effectively reduce the cost.

Ultra-high liquidity

Store and take any time, flexible and convenient 

Automatic reinvestment

DEFIAI puts the income earned by the stable strategy pool into the high-yield compound interest strategy pool, automatically compound interest in each high-yield pool, and then automatically transfers the income to the stable strategy pool every week, constantly compound interest arbitrage, while ensuring the safety of users’ funds, continue to obtain income. 

Security of DEFIAI

DEFIAI is an intelligent contract deployed on the BSC chain and has passed the security audit.                                                                              

DEFIAI  revenue aggregator

DEFIAI is a revenue aggregator that automatically selects the highest revenue and siphons the value of each DeFi product. It’s goal is to maximize the return on assets held in a lossless manner. DEFIAI could aggregate the mainstream DeFi products, such as pancake, alpaca and mdex, etc. It could greatly extend the underlying assets that are available to collect the aggregator, enhance the asset liquidity, optimize the best rates and reduce the cost.

What’s DEFIAI offered services and features:

  • DeFi lending
  • High yield mining pools
  • Low handling fees
  • Auto-Invest
  • Ultra-high liquidity
  • Stable APY ~ 400%

Distribution of DFAI Token

DFAI token will become the governance token of the system and authorize DFAI holders to vote for platform updates. Combined with the government mechanism and incentive holders, it will serve as a means of coordinating different stakeholders in the system. 

DFAI total issue volume will be  2,000,000,000.00 (2 billion). DFAI will also be regarded as the safety and strategy media. The decentralized and automated governance motivates the participants and the goal of security, sustainability and participant welfare is the key to the successful DeFi agreement.

Meanwhile, DEFIAI is decentralized, intelligent, safe, and efficient, the transaction fee is low, the strategy could be quickly switched and it is always aimed at high-yield mining. Hence, it is a perfect experience in “deposit means value-adding”. DEFIAI’s artificial intelligence brings the perfect operation experience to the users. 

DEFIAI Website: https://dfai.finance/

DEFIAI Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeFiAiOfficial

DEFIAI Telegram: https://t.me/defiai_en