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Interest in Avalanche (AVAX) Cascades Downward While Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is Swarmed by Eager Investors

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An investor’s decision-making process is governed by a set of beliefs and principles known as a philosophy. It is more of a collection of principles and tactics that take into consideration one’s objectives, level of risk tolerance, time frame, and expectations rather than a strict set of laws or regulations. 

Of course, every investor has his or her own philosophy as unique as a fingerprint. However the mass collection of these philosophies is what makes the market so challenging and, yet, also so intriguing. For example, why is Avalanche (AVAX) currently unloved while investors are flocking to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)?

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Avalanche (AVAX) by name, avalanche by nature?

On October 9, Avalanche [AVAX] announced that it will hold Crypto Royale from the middle of the month. A timely statement given that Avalanche (AVAX) has had trouble recovering from its temporary support. Is this impending event sufficient to prod the Avalanche (AVAX) bulls into charging?

It could gain some credibility if it is revealed that Avalanche (AVAX) would host Crypto Royale this month. In 2021, play-to-earn games made news because of its potential to completely change the gaming industry. The fact that Avalanche will host a play-to-earn game is significant because of this. If it is connected to in-game tokenomics, it may increase demand for Avalanche (AVAX).

Players will have the opportunity to acquire ROY, the game’s official token, and Avalanche (AVAX), according to their press release. ManyAvalanche (AVAX) supporters are curiously wondering whether this will be a good thing for the coin. The release of the game on Avalanche (AVAX) may improve investor mood, but it is uncertain if this will be sufficient to propel Avalanche (AVAX) above its present level of support.

Despite this positive development, and some bullish activity, it failed to deliver as expected. The Crypto Royale game will likely incite further interest and engagement but, as things stand, this may not translate into more favourable price action.  

Orbeon (ORBN) is up and running

A fixed element of every investor’s philosophy is to get in on a good thing as early as possible. When you identify a potential winner, the earlier you invest, the greater the profit in the short-run, medium-run and long-run too. 

That appears to be what’s happening with the Orbeon Protocol, the platform promises to revolutionise the venture capital and crowdfunding industry by enabling companies in need of fundraising the opportunity to connect directly with their community to raise the capital required. No VCs or crowdfunding companies are required to make this work for both the investor or the startup looking to raise. 

Eager investors smell the scent of success in the air and they are already putting their money in. The Orbeon Protocol native token, ORBN, went on presale at the end of October and, in just the first two days, chalked up $400,000 in sales. Not too shabby when you consider the price of each coin at the moment is just $0.004. It is unlikely to stay that low for much longer. In fact, industry watchers are forecasting a whopping rise of 6000% by the end of the presale phase. 

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