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Insanity Bets: The Evolution of CasinoFi, Allowing Players to Become the House to Earn Real Passive Income Yields

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Insanity Bets is the purist evolution of the CasinoFi sector through the innovative routes it provides its players to earn a passive income from its casino platform.

Described as the pinnacle of decentralized crypto gaming, InsanityBets opens up its liquidity pool for everybody to make deposits and become the house, allowing them to earn a real yield from the platform.

In addition, Insanity Bets features its native token, which introduces revenue sharing generated from platform fees, providing additional revenue streams on the CasinoFi platform.

With its presale for $IBET now live, you have the perfect opportunity to position yourself as an early adopter of this newly emerging crypto-based casino platform.

InsanityBets Goes Live: Presale Generates 300K In First Few Days Of Being Live

The Insanity Bets presale is now officially live. In its first few days, it raised a staggering $300K, demonstrating the extraordinary appeal of this passive income platform.

The project is a non-custodial crypto-based casino gambling platform where its players can become the house and earn a passive income stream through the platform.

Insanity Bets intends to challenge industry giants by integrating gamification into the core of its ecosystem, which will help generate real revenues for its community.

The CasinoFi project intends to become more than just a platform. Instead, it allows its players to invest in the casino’s growth, benefit from other players, and earn from the collective pool.

The project is fully audited by SolidProof and Cyberscope, ensuring complete transparency and fairness for its players.

Insanity Bets takes its fairness one step further by ensuring all of its games are provably fair through the Chainlink VFR RNG system, which is considered the best-in-class decentralized RNG provider.

$ILP: Provide Liquidity and Become the House for Passive Earnings

The presale for Insanity Bets is gathering immense traction as investors start to learn about its $ILP liquidity pool feature. This feature allows players to deposit tokens and become the house to earn a passive income through wins and losses from other players on the platform.

The $ILP pool allows users to become the house by minting $ILP using $USDT, which allows them to receive 90% of all the wins and losses from player bets.

$ILP represents an index of underlying assets in the liquidity pool that will be used as the house funds to facilitate wins and losses on the platform.

The index’s underlying assets currently include $USDT, $ETH, $BTC, and $ETH. The Insanity Bets DAO will dictate any changes to these underlying assets and their respective weightings.

Best of all, like traditional casinos, Insanity Bets runs on a provably fair house edge of 1% to 5%, meaning it’s statistically impossible for the house to lose over the long term.

Enhanced Passive Earnings Through $IBET

The passive income earnings are further enhanced through $IBET, the project’s native token.

Those who hold and stake $IBET receive a yield from the trading fees, $ILP fees, and game-winner fees on Insanity Bets.

Stakers of $IBET will receive 35% of all these protocol fees. They will also have the opportunity to earn multiplier points for long-term staking that will increase their APR up to 100%.

Furthermore, stakers of $IBET can burn their tokens to receive $bIBET and receive enhanced fee revenue, earning 50% of all protocol fees.

The burning helps to bring deflation to the Insanity Bets ecosystem while still providing $IBET holders with the route to earn long-term passive income.

Finally, there’s also the option to escrow $IBET and receive $esIBET, which helps to stabilize yields and automatically compound all rewards. Staked $IBET is staked over a 9-month timeframe, with rewards being withheld during that vesting period.

Invest Today Before Presale Prices Rise Further

The presale provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in $IBET before it catches mainstream attention.

Similar casino platforms have seen remarkable returns from their early adopter prices, the most notable being Rollbit ($RLB). This platform delivered 100x returns for those who were positioned earlier in 2023.

The token can currently be purchased for $0.0015 in the second stage of the presale.

However, the presale does use a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token increases during subsequent stages.

Therefore, those getting positioned earliest benefit the most from becoming early adopters.

Overall, Insanity Bets is bringing a new evolution to CasinoFi by allowing players to become the house through its liquidity pool. Those in the liquidity pool stand to earn a humongous yield that grows as the platform gains more adoption.

With a variety of passive income opportunities on the table, the Insanity Bets presale is likely to sell out quickly.



Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.