In Search of Stability Ethereum Classic and Ripple Investors Rally Around DeeStream Amid Market Uncertainties


Stable cryptos are difficult to find, especially considering the state of the DeFi market. In particular, Ethereum Classic and Ripple investors are searching for a stable and profitable new project to invest in. 

DeeStream is a new project presenting prime profit opportunities for investors looking to gain. Its innovative ecosystem features and highly successful presale are enticing crypto investors. Let’s explore why, unlike other cryptos, DeeStream is promising stability for investors worldwide. 

Ethereum Classic Projected to Continue Rising 

Ethereum Classic was launched as a unique version of Ethereum. Both projects were originally on the same blockchain until the 2016 network attack. After the attack, Ethereum decided to reverse the attack while Ethereum Classic remained loyal to the original blockchain.

Despite their shared roots, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum have significantly different ecosystems and technologies. Ethereum Classic is focused on creating a stable and continuous network. To achieve this, the platform caters to DeFi applications on its network. 

On March 23, 2024, a popular analyst mentioned the potential for Ethereum Classic to rival its parent blockchain. Ethereum Classic is facing volatility in today’s market; however, its promising profitability continues to attract investors. The analysts also noted the slight upward trajectory of the ETC token. According to him, if Ethereum Classic manages to sustain its growth, ETC’s price could reach $200.

Ripple Launches New Protocol to Assist in Its Blockchain’s Growth

Ripple has recently revealed its new XLS-30 Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol. Ripple created this protocol in collaboration with the XRPL community. This AMM protocol is designed to improve the DeFi benefit within the Ripple ecosystem. 

The AMM will allow developers to establish liquidity pools for any combination of assets issued on the Ripple platform. Although the AMM was not designed for institutional trading, it could benefit high volume traders or firms. 

Ripple already has a decentralized exchange (DEX). However, it lacks some of the advanced features of new DeFi platforms. Ripple sets the stage for its blockchain to grow by introducing this AMM protocol to its ecosystem. Ripple could finally gain market stability through this new launch. However, its investors are looking for other promising alternative projects like DeeStream

DeeStream Changes the Streaming Game By Combining DeFi with Streaming 

DeeStream is a new crypto project in the streaming service industry. It uses different blockchain systems to transform content streaming. Nicknamed as the crypto version of Twitch, DeeStream offers streamers the best DeFi opportunities. It ensures that their streaming journey is seamless, from account creation to connecting with their fan base.

With its instant payout system, DeeStream is disrupting the streaming world by directly rewarding content creators. The platform creates numerous ways for users to monetize their content within its marketplace. Through decentralized governance, DeeStream engages its user community and allows them to partake in decision making.

Being the pioneer in merging entertainment and blockchain features, DeeStream has generated huge excitement via its presale. DeeStream has entered the market with an enticing price of $0.055 during stage 2 of the presale. Deestream’s stable ecosystem and projected presale growth are attracting Ethereum Classic and Ripple investors.

Explore further details about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here.

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