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IMPT Token is The Biggest Presale Happening Right Now – Can Anyone Join In?

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The Impact Project (IMPT) presale has now passed $3 million in total funds raised, just over a week since beginning. The tally now stands at roughly $3.2 million as of writing, with the decentralized carbon credit and green-shopping platform comfortably on course to reach its hard cap of $10.8 million by November 25.

It’s now very likely that the presale will reach its target long before this date, with the coin still being up for grabs via the Impact Project website for $0.018. This will soon rise to $0.023 once the sale enters stage two, with it also due to rise to $0.028 during its final stage, meaning that anyone interested in joining the sale needs to act quickly if they want to buy at the most discounted price.

IMPT Token is The Biggest Presale Happening Right Now

Beginning on October 3, the Impact Project’s presale quickly gained momentum, raising $150,000 within 24 hours before crossing $550,000 within 48 hours, $1 million within 72 hours, and then $2 million within five days. Now it’s up to $3.25 million, with $3.5 million already in its sights. 

Cryptocurrency traders are always looking for the ‘next big thing,’ yet it isn’t only IMPT’s newness that has attracted participants in its presale. Instead, in a market often characterized by gimmicks and hype, it has created a very serious roadmap and set of fundamentals for itself.

Based on Ethereum, its platform will enable consumers to shop via a network of “thousands” of retail brands, all of which distribute a percentage of their sales to environmental and eco-friendly initiatives. This means that users can help the environment while enjoying some normal, everyday consumption.

On top of this, the Impact Project will also reward users (for shopping with green retailers) by providing them with carbon credits, which will be tokenized in the form of NFTs. Such credits can also simply be bought and sold via the Impact Project’s marketplace, which will also enable users to ‘retire’ them (meaning they are taken out of circulation, with the holder being credited for saving the carbon they represented).

By providing users with tokenized carbon credits with a market value, the Impact Project will incentivize greener behavior on the part of consumers. At the same time, it will also incentivize retailers and businesses to turn green and join its platform so that they can connect with environmentally conscious shoppers.

Importantly, by putting carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs, the Impact Project will help make the market for carbon offsets more transparent. A lack of transparency has been something this market has been troubled by for several years, yet the Impact Project will ultimately go some way toward improving things.

It’s for such reasons that the Impact Project will likely attract ESG investors. The ESG market has become increasingly large in recent years, so the Impact Project’s status as one of the first blockchain-based markets for carbon offsets will put IMPT in a very good position going forward.

50x Gains?

Other significant presales this year hint at how IMPT might behave once exchanges begin listing it.

To take possibly the most striking example, Tamadoge (TAMA) raised $19 million during its presale in September. It then listed soon after on OKX, whereby it managed to rise by over 1,800% in relation to its initial presale price.

Similarly, Battle Infinity (IBAT) sold for $0.0015 during its presale. It then gained a number of listings in August, when it rose at one point to $0.00554060, making for a gain of 269% for early participants in its token sale.

With fundamentals that are arguably even stronger than those for the above coins, the Impact Project has every chance of enjoying similar returns once it closes its presale and lists. More importantly, it also has every chance of making a positive difference in the world, which isn’t always the case for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.