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Immediate Flow Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Platform?

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 10 min read

Immediate FlowImmediate Flow Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

It is no surprise that when the crypto market is volatile, people need tools to help them with their trading pursuits. With Immediate Flow, however, these tools are merged with educational facilities, reportedly giving users access to an “all-in-one” platform that offers unique learning and earning opportunities.

Promising to help traders master the art of trading while also aiding them in the matters of learning about investments, Immediate Flow states that it forms alliances with leading trainers and tool providers. Are these claims true? Find out in this Immediate Flow review.

Immediate Flow Summary

Supported Assets Cryptocurrencies, forex, mutual funds, and others
Accuracy Rate 80%
Available on Mobile No Immediate Flow mobile application
Fees No fee details are available
Customer Support 24/7 customer support
Withdrawal Speed No details available
Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit required

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Flow?

Bitcoin has started to surge again, and many postulate that this “summer of easing” will put the crypto market back into the bull phase. However, this is not certain, and many people are aware of this, which is why investors are looking for tools that help them make logical decisions.

There are two ways to go about it. One is through education so that every decision has a weight of information behind it. The second is through autonomous trading platforms: AI trading bots that take over the trading tasks of users.

Immediate Flow claims to be a tool that offers both of these facilities. It asserts that it offers a suite of sophisticated instruments and resources, making investors well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape and generate profits. It advertises that 80% of its users generate profits, giving a hint at its accuracy rate.

In addition to these tools, investors may also expect to gain access to multiple educational resources. These resources are reportedly provided by top-tier training institutions and learning hubs that have garnered a lot of accolades over the years.

The platform asserts that all the blogs and other information provided inside the educational materials have gone through a lot of scrutiny so that investors have access to good learning modules. These lessons are reportedly offered in the form of video tutorials, with a minor focus on blogs and articles as well.

These AI-fueled solutions, which are apparently prevalent in both trading and training modules, are well-received by the community. However, there is no proof to back that claim. Most of the information provided on the platform is similar to our previously reviewed trading sites, and like them, there are not many logical third-party reviews available online.

Due to several inconsistencies in this platform, we recommend doing your due diligence before using this crypto trading and training website.

Immediate Flow – Pros and Cons

As we read through the complex terminologies and fanciful content that the website presents, we found the following pros and cons:


  • The platform claims to provide robust training and trading resources
  • Asserts to have a win rate of 80%
  • Claims to partner with top-tier investment and educational institutions
  • Reportedly has a fee-free structure
  • Doesn’t ask for a minimum deposit requirement


  • It makes many unproven claims
  • Offers no deep insight into its features
  • Doesn’t disclose the names and social media handles of its founders
  • Presents overly fancy content on the website
  • The website’s content and structure are similar to those of other platforms, and it has the same “immediate” in the name.

How Does Immediate Flow Work?

Since the platform itself works as a combination of an education website and a trading system, we believe that once users sign up, they can choose between the following modes.

Learning Mode

Now, the learning mode may be accessed as soon as one comes to the website. Many crypto courses might be available, including how to trade crypto, how to use automated trading systems, and how to get started with presales.

If the website does have a tiered structure, it might be that users first need to be interviewed to get an educational institution assigned to them for better education.

They may also be able to switch from one training mode to another, provided they have learned enough to level up.

While the platform mostly discusses AI-enabled trading systems, users may also learn about trading charts, and this might be where they receive crypto signals.

Trading Mode

Trading mode is where those who want to trade crypto assets can go. Immediate Flow hasn’t highlighted what features users must expect. However, it has become clear to us that an AI crypto trading bot is involved.

This trading bot may analyze the price history of an asset and match it with the current macroeconomic conditions to make an investment decision. The platform states that 80% of its users are able to generate profits, which means it may have a win rate of 80%.

However, most of the information we have provided is a guess. The site might function entirely differently. There might also be a manual trading system involved. Or, there might be robo-advisors, too, helping traders invest in assets.

Immediate Flow – Top Features

Here are some of the core features that Immediate Flow has listed on the official website:

Free Registration

According to the website, users will get access to free registration. The platform claims that its “ethos is rooted in fostering an egalitarian investing environment,” which means it claims to deliver an inclusive ecosystem where everyone can trade properly.

High-Quality Investment Firms

To help investors with trading, Immediate Flow has reportedly partnered with high-quality investment firms. These firms reportedly offer a host of features to make trading free of latency and complications.

High-Quality Academic Institutions

The platform also claims to have partnered with high-quality academic institutions, which help users learn about cryptocurrencies and other forms of investment. These firms reportedly have a multi-level training structure so that everyone can learn at their own pace.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

According to the website, users will get access to round-the-clock customer support. These support services will reportedly help investors navigate the trading systems properly and without any issues. However, whether or not they will help with investors’ trading endeavors is a different matter altogether.

Safe Trading Environment

According to the website, users will get access to a safe trading environment. This information hints at the availability of high-quality security features. However, the website hasn’t highlighted the names and nature of those features.

Video Tutorials

According to the website, Immediate Flow delivers training through video tutorials, which is a good option for those who want to learn about trading quickly. It magnifies a learner’s learning capacity, helping them become better traders quickly.

However, none of those training videos have been displayed on the official website. That being said, these video tutorials apparently teach traders about in-depth research, risk management, and reinvesting profits.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Support for Multiple Assets

Even though Immediate Flow has highlighted that cryptocurrencies are the primary asset it supports, it also mentions CFDs, forex, and mutual funds. This indicates the presence of asset diversification opportunities for investors.

Immediate Flow Fees

Immediate Flow doesn’t discuss its fee structure. It merely states that the platform is free to use. However, the FAQ section at the bottom of its home page states that different education and trading firms can have their own charges. Therefore, once users sign up on the website, they may get the required information about the site’s fee structure.

It is recommended to only move forward if the fee structure provided is feasible.

Immediate Flow Minimum Deposit Requirement

Even though half of the services that Immediate Flow offers are related to trading, the platform hasn’t given us any information about its minimum deposit.

However, because multiple third-party trading firms are reportedly involved, different ones might have different minimum deposit requirements. Talk to the customer support team during the sign-up process for more details.

Is Immediate Flow a Scam?

With its dual systems that offer training and trading to investors, Immediate Flow makes many claims. It asserts that 80% of its users generate a profit while highlighting that its educational tools are second to none.

Both of these claims are not verified by third-party reviews or first-hand customer testimonials. Even though we did come across multiple reviews of the site, most of them seem marketing-driven, only highlighting key positives while completely ignoring some of the platforms’ negative attributes.

Furthermore, even though the site does say that it offers AI-fueled trading systems, it doesn’t highlight its core features properly. We have guessed that it might have an AI crypto trading bot from the fact that it states that 80% of its users generate profits.

We don’t know its customization options or what other tools people will have access to.

The same issue is with the platform’s educational resources. We don’t know what they are. Even though it claims to offer video tutorials, it refuses to give us a peek.

The root of these issues is the jargon-filled text with too much decoration that makes the content look more complicated than it is. The tone is suspiciously similar to other other websites we have reviewed.

Therefore, considering these factors, we don’t know whether it is a scam or a legitimate crypto trading platform.

How to Use Immediate Flow?

Below are the steps to get started with Immediate Flow:

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

The first step is to go to the official Immediate Flow website and create an account. Enter key details before proceeding. You may get an email or a call for verification.

Immediate Flow Registration

Step 2 – Pick a Trading firm/Training Firm

Depending on your requirements, you may now need to pick between a trading firm and a training firm. If you have chosen a trading firm, ask about the minimum deposit requirement. Use that information to make the deposit using PayPal, wire transfer, or credit card. The details are given on the website.

To choose a training firm, answer the questions truthfully so that your expertise in crypto investments can be assessed.

Step 3 – Start Learning/Trading

Once you have taken all the necessary steps, start learning or trading. If you have chosen to trade, invest only the minimum amount. If you’re a learner, make sure to take knowledge from multiple sources.

How to Delete an Immediate Flow Account?

Immediate Flow doesn’t discuss the process of deleting the account. We recommend asking the customer support team for instructions. Alternatively, you can check to see if there is an option to terminate the account in your dashboard.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Flow?

Immediate Flow doesn’t offer any information about its founders. The About Us page is only full of vague information with no valuable content. The platform’s founders are anonymous, which may have been a deliberate decision since most crypto-related platforms, except for the biggest ones, don’t reveal the names of their owners.

Have Celebrities Supported Immediate Flow?

Immediate Flow doesn’t have any celebrity support right now. That might have to do with the site’s age. It has just recently been released, which means it may grow with time. But considering the lack of transparency, it is unlikely it will reach heights that give it celebrity interest.

Latest Bitcoin News

Below are the latest updates related to Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin is slowly moving above the $66k threshold, getting closer to its all-time high.
  2. Sentiments within the crypto ecosystem at the moment are neutral, which means many assets may start to trade sideways.
  3. Crypto presales have started to gain traction once again due to the ongoing conditions.

The Verdict – Is Immediate Flow Legit?

It is unclear whether Immediate Flow is legit. Most of its claims, even those about the quality of its educational services, cannot be verified.

Also, with limited online reviews and most third parties taking a biased view of its services, there is no clarity about this platform’s legitimate status. We recommend our investors exercise caution when using this platform.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


What is Immediate Flow?

Immediate Flow is a crypto trading platform that claims to offer crypto education services to users. It was recently released and may have a fee-free structure.

Has Elon Musk endorsed Immediate Flow?

While Elon Musk is considered a dog father, he has never shown interest in any crypto trading platform, except for Binance, from where his company, Tesla, acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.