10 Nov 2021 · 5 min read

Hybrid Cryptocurrencies: A New Gold Standard

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All that sparkles can be gold, right? In 2021, it could be anything, like a new hybrid cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is no longer a thing of the future, it is here now, and its worth extensively changes the financial model we’ve been used to in the past century. As people like to call it now – “The natural evolution in terms of money.”

As you know, money “suffered” multiple changes along with human history, as it’s no longer a trading system. 100 years ago, people used to buy goods or services using precious metals, food, and other alternatives. Now, the world evolved significantly, as those services transformed into digital currencies – with just a swipe of a finger on your phone, and you've paid. It’s all part of human civilization.

There are somehow some principles that can or should be constituted as cash for an economy. We cannot use avocados as a form of payment, can we? (Although we should), it lacks some important elements to determine the real value of an asset.

Gold and silver are precious metals that can be included in those criteria. Modern currencies have been made to fit the model, and therefore, hold their value. But what about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Are they marking their value well enough to be used as a primary form of cash?

The answer might depend: here we are trying to examine the power of cryptocurrencies, as well as valuable metals, like gold, and find some answers.

What Determines the Value of a Currency?

The value of a currency is determined by its power of selling and purchase price – this can be affected by the amount of currency that is bought. The popularity of a currency is determined by the number of people buying it. If it’s not purchased often, then its value can decrease.

Currencies were once assessed by the gold standard, but the current method of measuring currency standards is based on the fluctuating currency exchange rate. Usually, currencies are traded in pairs, as an example: the U.S. dollar to Euro – the value of a currency is understood against the other, then other factors are studied to control the overall currency value, like:

  • Politics
  • Significance
  • Economic Conditions
  • What affects the value of a currency trade?

A currency could devaluate overnight. No one wants to hear this, but it’s usually a topic of discussion when financial institutions start to panic about the prosperity of the economy.

Note: Devaluation of a currency is not the same as currency depreciation.

They both tend to have similar results, but they come from different sources. Currency devaluation shows up when the problematic government purposely devaluates the exchange rate. So, devaluation happens when an entity causes it, meaning that’s a choice taken by governments. Depreciation of a currency is based on people’s actions.

For example, if a country has a fixed exchange rate system in place, it can experience devaluation of a currency. The USA cannot experience devaluation, as its currency is on a fluctuating exchange rate. Plus, many other countries, like Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia could all be evaluated, as they’re based on the U.S. Dollar.

Gold Stability with Crypto Innovation

AABB Gold Token (AABBG) is a fusion cryptocurrency sponsored by 100% physical gold, retained and wrought by Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB). Gold-backed cryptocurrency benefits from cryptocurrency features and gold while upholding the price for both markets. AABBG is not a stable coin, but it can hold the stability and quality of a stable coin. Stablecoins are used by crypto investors who want to constantly keep their money invested on currency exchange, and easily go in and out of dissimilar crypto savings.

All cryptocurrencies float wildly, attracting investors, but risky enough for people who just want to use them as a way to pay for goods and services. However, if you’re going to use crypto, why not use one that’s backed by gold?

Asia Broadband is a company that pledged to back tokens with their own mining projects, along with third-party bases as a backup. You can purchase the tokens by downloading the AABB wallet app through App Store, Google Play, and Desktop. This will give you the ability to create an account – after creating the account, click on “Convert”. From there, you should be able to purchase an AABBG wallet, which offers the following features:

  • Send and receive crypto instantly
  • Anonymous transactions

Transactions are invisible to third parties. The AABB Wallet can do B2C and B2B transactions efficiently. There aren’t any plans to exchange for fiat currencies – it’s the original spirit of a future of a non-fiat world, which is a system gaining more and more popularity. You can send AABB Gold and another crypto through email, SMS, or social media. You can sleep without worries knowing that crypto is safe with a password and pin code.

Use AABBG as the main currency for your gold transactions. Once you’ll download the account for the AABB Token, you must complete the “Know Your Customers” section. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

How Bitcoin is Not Just Gold, But Better

Now that we’ve highlighted the important aspects of an ideal currency, it’s easier to determine how Bitcoin fairs contrary to money and gold. That’s how you assume that crypto is not good, but better than any gold. Insufficiency of gold and other precious metals has helped maintain their value over the centuries. Back in ancient times, gold was used to solve many purposes, as it was easily transportable turned into coins, and were basically the best to be used.

These strengths are turned into Bitcoin now. Cryptocurrency brought one of the most contemporary forms of technology to solve many key issues. But it is limited in amount, as there are only 21 million Bitcoins worldwide. It consequently holds value just as gold. It’s secure, devolved, and highly efficient for businesses.

If the fiat currency would be removed from the world now, what would you rely on? Gold, or Bitcoin? The answer is pretty obvious, right?