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How to get the FANTAGOAL airdrop at zero cost, with 100% unlocking before listing

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

As we enter May, the market continues to fluctuate. Bitcoin rebounded to $67,000 after falling below the $60,000 mark earlier this month. Most altcoins have experienced significant declines after a five-month climb.Despite an increase in net inflows into ETF products by traditional institutions this month, most investors remain on the sidelines. While the market outlook is still unclear, it might be wise to focus on airdrops from valuable projects to earn some rewards.

This time, we highly recommend a zero-cost interactive airdrop project from the Web3 football fantasy game FANTAGOAL. Last week, they announced a $25 million valuation after completing a $3 million funding round led by IDG Capital, with participation from KuCoin Ventures, Chain Capital, and OptaJoe. Previously, FANTAGOAL also received $400,000 in joint sponsorship from sportsbet and

On May 17, FANTAGOAL officially launched its airdrop, allocating 3% of the total $FGC supply. The airdrop will be 100% unlocked before listing. Unlike other projects that involve on-chain interactions, which come with upfront costs and risks of Sybil attacks, FANTAGOAL’s airdrop tasks focus mainly on engagement, community activity, player role verification, and check-ins. There are also extra rewards for early community involvement and contributions. FANTAGOAL believes that airdrops should be given to genuine users who appreciate the project, rather than setting high barriers that exclude early participants.

FANTAGOAL Airdrop Tasks:

Don’t forget to register on FANTAGOAL before completing the airdrop tasks.

  • Follow FANTAGOAL on X (formerly Twitter) (@Fanta_Goal)
  • Join the FANTAGOAL Discord
  • Check-in
  • Consecutive check-ins
  • Invite new members to join the FANTAGOAL Discord
  • Interact with tweets on FANTAGOAL X
  • Become a legendary player
  • Consecutive check-ins as a player
  • OG rewards for the first 10,000 members who join the FANTAGOAL Discord
  • Rewards for the top 300 chatters in the community who reach level 20
  • Rewards for the first 1,000 community users who boost the Discord server

Why Does $FGC Have Value?

FANTAGOAL aims to closely integrate the football world with Web3 through a combination of the “European Cup,” “Fantasy,” and “AI.” By integrating blockchain NFTs with real-world football matches, FANTAGOAL brings potential and commercial value to Web3 football enthusiasts, with the ultimate goal of creating the world’s largest football ecosystem. As the ecosystem token, $FGC has significant utility. The project team plans to regularly buy back and burn $FGC using funds from platform revenues and external sponsorships, known as the “Development Fund.” This mechanism ensures the price stability of $FGC.


In the FANTAGOAL football ecosystem, there are “EuroCup Field NFTs” and “Player NFTs,” each serving different purposes within the ecosystem.During the upcoming European Cup matches in June, players holding EuroCup Field NFTs will share in the prize pool based on real match data.Additionally, Field NFTs will generate other forms of income, including earning community points (one way to obtain $FGC); synthesizing high-quality Player NFTs and collecting rent (used for simulation management and fantasy games); and staking to receive platform profit dividends.Player NFTs are minted using AI tools or randomly generated. These NFTs are the core assets in the game. They can be developed by upgrading, enhancing quality, acquiring talent, and using resources like the gem system to improve player attributes and quality, thus increasing combat effectiveness.

Uses of Player NFTs:

  • Participate in Competitions: Players can form teams to participate in various competitions, including fantasy, PVE (Player vs Environment), and PVP (Player vs Player) modes, to earn rare materials, high-quality Player NFTs, and substantial $FGC rewards.
  • Trade Players: Users can buy and sell Player NFTs in the game marketplace to acquire assets and earn profits

How to Participate in FANTAGOAL’s Airdrop Tasks?

Get started and earn airdrop rewards from FANTAGOAL at zero cost:



Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.