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How to Generate Bitcoins for Free Automatically

Last updated: | 4 min read

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

Source: Adobe/iQoncept

Bitcoin has had quite the rollercoaster during the year 2021, climbing to almost $60,000 per BTC.

If you’ve been watching the Bitcoin rally for a while you may want to do more with your BTC as the cryptocurrency gains ground with major institutional investors sitting up and taking notice, capitalizing on this exceptional market volatility. However, while the potential rewards are huge, the incredible unpredictability of the crypto exchanges means that there is also a high level of risk and in a time of global market uncertainty, you may wish to play it safer with your savings.

The great news is that there is one way in which you can benefit from Bitcoin growth, and make amazing profits, while still exposing your capital to close to zero risk and that’s with crypto arbitrage.

Isn’t crypto always going to be high-risk, whatever strategy I use?

It goes without saying that no strategy exists that is completely risk-free, but some strategies are far safer than others. Unlike with regular Bitcoin trading, with crypto arbitrage, a sudden market movement won’t lead to the loss of all your funds. This is why it is generally acknowledged by the financial community to be one of the lowest-risk types of investing, and is commonly used by hedge funds, retail investors, financial institutions and investment firms.

Crypto arbitrage involves the use of an automated algorithmic trading system as it requires instantly executing numerous orders simultaneously across multiple exchanges. The system makes a profit by taking advantage of temporary price inefficiencies. This means that for a few minutes, before the market adjusts to resolve the discrepancy, a coin can be available on different exchanges, at different prices at the same time. During this brief window, the system will buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then immediately sell the coin on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit.


One of the best-known names in this field is ArbiSmart, an EU licensed, automated crypto arbitrage platform. You simply register, deposit funds and then the platform des the rest. There is no time commitment required for research, market monitoring or executing trades and no prior knowledge is needed. The system is connected to 35 exchanges which it tracks 24 hours a day to find and exploit crypto arbitrage opportunities, at warp-speed, to generate profits that reach as high a 45% a year. So, within two years you can double your Bitcoin, no matter what is happening in the crypto markets!

What about crypto dangers like hacks and fraud?

As we all know, the crypto arena has its share of bad actors, partly due to the anonymity afforded by blockchain technology, and the holes in smart contract security, but also as a result of the under-regulation of the crypto arena, as governments have been slow to legislate this emerging asset class.

To protect yourself you simply need to take some simple precautions, when choosing a crypto arbitrage platform. Check that the company is regulated, and that it has a positive online reputation across social media, review platforms and industry news sites and that it has no history of legal difficulties or negative reviews relating to its profit guarantees, support services, and withdrawal process.


For example, ArbiSmart is FIU licensed, meaning it is authorized to provide crypto arbitrage services across the EU. To comply with regulation, the company must undergo regular audits, implement tough data security protocols, segregate client and company accounts, provide full capital coverage and follow strict KYC/AML procedures that prevent fraud and verify client identities.

In addition, ArbiSmart offers well-informed, round-the-clock support and has a stellar name within the crypto community. Not only does it have an excellent review rating, but it also has really positive, global industry coverage.

Ok, so I’m safe, but how much profit can I make on my Bitcoin?

As we have seen, in spite of the low risks, crypto arbitrage can be exceptionally profitable.

ArbiSmart for example, offers guaranteed profits starting at 10.8% and reaching as high as 45% a year, depending on the size of your deposit. Check out the company’s Account page and you’ll see in advance, exactly how much you will make on a monthly and annual basis, based on your account level. Let’s say you invest 7 BTC at the current price of around $57,000, then in just two years, you will have doubled your profits. This is because you are not only earning crypto arbitrage trading profits, but also compound interest as well as capital gains from the growing value of RBIS, the platform’s native token.


When you register with ArbiSmart and deposit funds, your capital is automatically swapped into RBIS for use trading crypto arbitrage, although you can withdraw your funds in EUR or BTC at any time. Since the token was introduced two years ago, it has already gone up by 350% in value and based on the steady growth of the company and development of additional financial services in the pipeline for 2021, it is projected to rise up to another 20 times in value by the end of the year.

Bitcoin volatility makes crypto investing a dangerous proposition, but just letting your coins sit idle in a wallet, and waiting for them to appreciate is also not the best way to make the most out of your BTC. With crypto arbitrage you can invest your crypto or fiat safely and profitably. So, if you want to start generating Bitcoins at close to zero risk, with no effort, open a free account and become a crypto arbitrage investor today!