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How to Avoid the Next FTX: Crypto Signals and On-Chain Data Made Easy with This New Platform

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Over the past few weeks, the events across the crypto market have shown that investors must take extreme caution when selecting coins and exchanges. Fortunately, Dash 2 Trade is here to help investors make more informed decisions using real-time on-chain data for users of all experience levels.

The Bloomberg Terminal of Crypto 

Dash 2 Trade is a research and analytics platform that helps investors in the market find profitable trading opportunities using a wide variety of tools and insights. The platform was built by Learn 2 Trade, a crypto-educational platform that has an existing community of over 70,000 members. 

The tools can be a critical resource for investors who might not be willing to go through the extensive technical and fundamental research steps.  

More Than Just Research 

Dash 2 Trade provides statistics on assets and exchange liquidity that can identify coins with low liquidity or exchanges with insufficient volume to support their activities. This will help investors avoid exchanges like FTX and digital assets like FTT with weak fundamentals. Dash 2 Trade can help investors find better alternatives with market-beating returns.

Investors can also gain access to token and wallet activities, monitoring the wallet movements of some major whales to determine which assets may see price gains. Dash 2 Trade scans leading networks around the clock to identify trends, allowing investors to observe market dynamics across multiple blockchains.

This tool is looking to be the “Bloomberg Terminal of crypto,” Dash 2 Trade is primed to see a significant surge in activity and user numbers once the crypto market flips bullish. Investors are expected to rush into the market soon, and these people will most likely be looking for a platform like Dash 2 Trade. Users of all experience levels are able to take advantage of the resources thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Finally, the developers of Dash 2 Trade also regularly run different competitions and community engagement initiatives where users can win prizes.

Jump on This Bandwagon With D2T

As the prospects for Dash 2 Trade continue to get better, investors will be looking for ways to get in on the action. This is where D2T comes in. 

D2T serves as the native token for Dash 2 Trade. The asset is used to pay for platform functions. Users can pay 400 D2T monthly for the Starter service and 1,000 D2T per month for the Premium tier.

D2T is also the primary channel through which users can participate in Dash 2 Trade competitions.


Given the project's fundamentals, D2T has the potential to return huge profits for early investors. The asset is currently available on presale and is selling for $0.0513.

This price will increase to $0.0533 in the next stage of the sale.

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