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Forexcenten – How Non-Transparent Companies Destroy the Forex Industry

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

It is not uncommon for non-transparent companies to harm the forex industry. Non-transparent companies may engage in unethical or fraudulent practices, such as manipulating prices or spreading false information, which can lead to a loss of trust in the industry. Inaccurate information can make it more difficult for legitimate companies to operate and discourage people from participating in the forex market. Here are a few examples of how non-transparent companies can damage the forex market.

  • Misrepresentation of performance

Non-transparent companies may make false or misleading statements about their performance, leading investors to lose money when they try to replicate the results. This can erode trust in the industry and make it more difficult for legitimate companies to attract investors.

  • Insider trading

Some non-transparent companies may use information not available to the public to make trades that are likely to be profitable. Insider trading can give these companies an unfair advantage and contribute to market manipulation.

  • Manipulation of prices

Some non-transparent companies may engage in practices like spoofing or wash trading, which can artificially inflate the price of a currency or a financial instrument. Currency inflation can lead to market manipulation, making it difficult for traders to make informed decisions.

  • Spread of misinformation

Some non-transparent companies may lay false or misleading information to influence the market. This, in turn, can lead to market confusion and increase volatility.

In general, non-transparent companies can harm the forex industry by eroding trust, promoting fraudulent activity, creating market confusion and volatility, and also decreasing the confidence of both traders and investors on the market. It is essential for regulators to monitor the industry and take action against non-transparent companies that engage in unethical or illegal practices.

ForexCenten provides EA (Expert Advisor) software in the forex market, a technical online trading system designed to automate trading activities. The company uses algorithms to analyze the market and place daily trades. ForexCenten was founded in 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and has since moved its operations to Dubai, where it currently has an office with a team of 11 people. The company provides a website and a free Telegram group where it shares information, updates, and results with its followers.

The ForexCenten Trading Bot, which over 400 people actively use, has been highly profitable every year since 2010  according to backtest data. Its results have been found to outperform the S&P 500 by ten times, as well as all traditional investment options. Additionally, the trading bot is safe to use with strict stop-losses and take-profits integrated.

With regards to the goal of shedding light on non-transparent companies in the forex industry, ForexCenten can demonstrate its transparency by showcasing its profitable results and providing detailed information about its trading strategy and operations. Additionally, the company can continue to develop and improve its approach, as it is currently doing with an addition to the system set to be launched in February 2023, and make this information available to its users.

ForexCenten team is constantly developing its strategy even though it is already working exceptionally well, which is a point of trust and reliability. ForexCenten is one of the companies that you can trust in the forex industry to provide full transparency, show results, and share its research and development.