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How Metropoly is Keeping Real Estate Investing Alive During High-Interest Rates

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

With interest rates rising across the globe, the real estate market is starting to see a drop-off in transactions. In fact, house prices in prominent real estate markets, such as in the UK, have seen the first drop following a decade of increasing prices. 

As interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive to take a loan, resulting in fewer people making large purchases. With real estate purchases dropping off, one crypto project is keeping real estate investment alive by bringing the dinosaur industry into the modern age through fractional ownership. 

That project is Metropoly, and it’s continuing to gain solid momentum as its fundraising recently crossed the $500,000 milestone figure. 

Expensive Mortgages as Interest Rates Keep Climbing

Inflation is a scenario in which goods and services in the economy experience rising prices. It’s a situation where the price of your weekly shopping basket continuously rises, even when you’re buying the exact same items. It’s usually caused by a surge in the economy when consumers start spending more than usual while buying items – causing prices to rise. 

Central banks have a conundrum to solve in the face of inflation because continuously rising prices could get out of hand. If costs become too expensive, the economy will experience hyperinflation – a situation that has plagued many third-world countries in recent years. 

To combat inflation, central banks usually start increasing interest rates- precisely what they have done in recent months. The US Federal Reserve, the central bank dictating monetary and fiscal policy in the United States, has been increasing interest rates at its most aggressive pace since the 1980s over the past year. 

Although they have started to slow the pace of rate hikes, the interest rate has climbed to levels not seen since 2008;

With interest rates at the highest they have been in over a decade, it causes a scenario where people are reluctant to take out large loans as they will be paying much higher interest rates on the borrowing. As a result, fewer people are likely to take out mortgages to purchase new homes, ending in a slowdown in real estate prices – exactly what we’re seeing right now.

Currently, fewer people are buying new homes because taking a loan is becoming pricey, and house prices are starting to slide. 

Despite the rising interest rates, there is one crypto project that can still keep real estate investment alive. Meet Metropoly.

Metropoly: Letting Investors Buy Real Estate Despite High-Interest Rates

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace specifically designed to sell NFTs backed by real estate properties. It’s one of the only NFT marketplaces that can provide a passive income for holders through real estate economics. 

The entire idea behind Metropoly is to let people buy real estate in seconds. They wanted to create the simplest method of allowing crypto investors to diversify their portfolios away from volatile assets like stocks and crypto and into safer assets like real estate. 

Furthermore, they also wanted to create a method of investing in real estate that didn’t involve mountains of paperwork, the need for banks to get involved, invasive credit checks, or geographical restrictions. The Metropoly Marketplace provides exactly that. It lets users start their real estate portfolios from anywhere in the world without needing to go through banks. The best thing about it is that you can get started with as little as $100.

You can invest just $100 because the properties on Metropoly are fractionalized. This means the real estate is broken down into little pieces, allowing investors to purchase part of a property by buying an NFT. 

The NFT holders still own the property and are entitled to all the benefits you expect when buying real estate. For example, NFT holders can take advantage of any price hikes in the property by selling their NFTs on the marketplace at any time. 

One of the Only Genuine Passive Income Options

Another great advantage of owning one of the NFTs from Metropoly is that it generates a genuinely passive income. In fact, it’s one of the only NFT projects that can guarantee a truly passive income for holders through the rental yield. 

Metropoly can provide a passive income for its holders because all of the real estates in the Metropoly portfolio are managed by the team. This means they will ensure the property is maintained and that a tenant is in the property paying rent. Therefore, an investor simply has to purchase one of the NFTs to instantly start earning a passive income. 

Real estate is often considered one of the most reliable forms of cash flow. In fact, real estate is what the wealthiest 1% of the world use to grow their wealth, and Metropoly is finally providing an avenue for the rest of the world to start getting involved. 

Presale Flies As $500K Approaches

Metropoly is currently hosting a presale for its native token, METRO. Investors are quickly piling into the presale because they believe the METRO token will undergo significant growth in the future once the real estate marketplace starts to flourish. 

METRO will be the utility token for the Metropoly ecosystem and will be used as a payment and reward method on the platform. The token has been audited by CertiK and comes with zero trading taxes for users. 

So far, the presale has crossed $500,000 in funding. The METRO token is currently being sold for $0.0625 per METRO. However, once $1,000,000 is reached, the price for the token will increase. Therefore, it’s beneficial for potential investors to get into the presale earlier as they stand to benefit more once the token is listed on tier-1 exchanges. Furthermore, early presale investors stand to benefit from being enrolled in the Platinum Member’s Club, which offers early access to the marketplace, an NFT, and discounts on real estate purchases through cash back.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.