28 May 2022 · 2 min read

How MetaLabs is Taking the Metaverse by Storm

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

With the consistent evolution of technology and digital space, the Metaverse is likely to inspire a bustling new economy in the coming years. While many believe that the Metaverse could be the next big internet with the introduction of Web3, this 3D network has definitely opened new opportunities for content creators and video developers. Work and collaboration are likely to move into the Metaverse as it is also creating lucrative investment channels. Despite such promising progress, several loopholes in the Metaverse development are still posing a challenge to its growth. This is where Metalabs has stepped in with the mission to set the standard for excellence in the Metaverse. 

Metalabs is a Metaverse Development Company that offers an array of services while currently specializing in The Sandbox. The company is comparatively new to the space that just made its beginnings less than a year ago. Despite the steep competition in the industry, Metalabs has emerged as the biggest player with the largest development team in the space. Metalabs looks to make some great announcements regarding big projects and partnerships by quarter 3 of this year. Started by a team with a strong passion for the Metaverse and gaming, the company has been gaining popularity from some of the biggest players in the space. 

With a vision to close the gap between present and future, Metalabs is helping clients to make an efficient and convenient entry into the Metaverse. Since its inception, the company has been consistently growing with the goal of becoming metaverse-agnostic. Metalabs excels in developing avatars, assets, customized architecture, social hubs/ experiences, and gaming experiences. 

A key service that MetaLabs provides is changing the space; Avatar Generation- Taking a NFT collections like BAYC and Crypto Punks and creating playable avatars to use in Metaverses like Sandbox, Decentraland, Etc, verified through Metamask for ONLY the specific owner of that NFT, finally giving traditional PFP NFTs use case in the metaverse. 

Metalabs has a completely different approach towards its services and business process. Metalabs hires amazing talent from across the globle who have experience in Unreal Engine and Unity and are passionate to learn and pivot in the space. To minimize any bandwidth issues, they’ve strategically partnered with developers in different time zones to be diligently working on projects 24 hours a day. At Metalabs, every project, big or small, is handled with the same dedication and enthusiasm. The team at Metalabs treats every project as their own and tries to deliver excellence beyond expectations. 

The journey as a new entry into this constantly evolving space has not been easy for Metalabs. There have been several challenges, such as bandwidth issues, language barriers, and technical limitations across various Metaverses that the company has overcome to deliver gold-standard services. Metalabs was born after several drawbacks in the Metaverse and this has pushed them to excel and remain one of the biggest in the space. 

Within a short time, Metalabs has advanced as a one-stop for the Metaverse community, molding the efforts to serve solutions for challenges. Customer satisfaction is always a priority at Metalabs helping people get involved in the Metaverse and realize it is a simple and exciting process. 

Metalabs is evolving into the Pixar of the Metaverse. 

Website: MetaLabs.games 

Twitter: MetalabsCo