23 Sep 2022 · 3 min read

How to Kickstart Your Crypto Journey

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It can be a complicated process to understand where to enter the crypto and web3 space. Since the industry is an interdisciplinary field, it fuses financial, technological, and sociological concepts, meaning people must learn a wide range of skills. Additionally, the crypto space is also highly fast-paced and volatile. 

As a result, this can be off-putting to newcomers as the education behind crypto/web3 is lacking. However, there is a silver lining– this industry has been designed by the masses and for the masses. Therefore, everything you need to get started in crypto is readily available online. So long as you have a good understanding and a good set of resources, you can flourish in this space and become well versed in web3. 

One of the best platforms to help with this is Collective Shift. This expertly crafted education hub covers a myriad of areas within the industry, taking you from beginner to advanced.  Let’s take a look at some essential topics to understand when breaking out into crypto and web3, and then give an overview of how Collective Shift can aid your journey.

What Should You Learn to Get Started?

Your journey should begin by learning about what cryptocurrency is. In layman's terms, it is simply a currency that is entirely digital, having no physical qualities. Of course, there are more features to this, but as an absolute beginner, this is all you need to know. 

After this, you should learn about which cryptocurrencies you want to own. The two most well-known coins are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both are well-renowned and revered, and as somebody new to the industry, it may be best to stick to either of these two, as they are the most widely supported in the industry and have a good track record.

The next step is to learn how to buy cryptocurrency. This involves using an online cryptocurrency exchange. First, find an exchange accepting legal tender (such as US dollars, British Pounds, or whatever currency you support). However, be careful about which exchange you start using, as some cannot process legal tender and only support cryptocurrency. 

Once you have purchased some cryptocurrency, you want to learn how to get your money off the exchange and fully into your possession. This means you need to set up a crypto wallet. A wallet is a digital tool used to store your cryptocurrency. Unlike an exchange, a wallet is something you fully own, meaning that the coins it holds belong squarely to you, with nobody else being able to access them. However, unlike in real life, you cannot just use one wallet for all your money. Different cryptocurrencies often need different wallets. For example, a Bitcoin wallet cannot store Ethereum, and an Ethereum wallet cannot store Bitcoin. Setting up a wallet is often easy, but the process differs (sometimes quite dramatically) for each cryptocurrency. 

Finding the Right Resources

While these are all relatively easy topics to learn, if you are new to the industry and feel unconfident, you should seek guidance. And one of the best places to find this knowledge is Collective Shift, a project aimed at helping people break into the crypto space by providing simple and informative tutorials on various topics. Experts in the crypto world craft these courses and modules, meaning you can trust the information you are gaining as it is given directly by key individuals in the space.

Many platforms offer advice and guidance on crypto and web3, with Collective Shift among the greatest. With a vast range of materials delivered by a diverse set of talented people, this platform helps bring you into the crypto fold easily, allowing you to start your journey confidently.