24 Nov 2021 · 2 min read

How E-NFT.com Is Disrupting the Industry for Artists and Collectors

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

NFT art or non-fungible token art has opened a gateway for artists to scale their careers. The fact that these NFT artworks are real-world assets and hold a resale value makes them sought-after possessions for art lovers and creators alike. E-NFT.com is a platform that is disrupting the world of digital assets with its unique policies and wonderful collection of memorabilia. It is no wonder that within a short period, the platform has already roped in some industry veterans and is looking forward to adding more prominent artists around the globe to its list.

Launched by the renowned EVNT dba Emmersive in partnership with the famous musician Tory Lanez, E-NFT.com has emerged as the most trusted public platform for artists and art collectors alike. Being a part of Cryptyde, it was obvious that E-NFT.com would tap into the market with a bunch of unique perks for artists and fans. This NFT marketplace is not only merging technology with art but also creativity with finance.

E-NFT.com has made NFT art affordable like never before. Music enthusiasts can acquire complete rights to a 1-minute album for just a dollar. From NFT music to NFT movie soundtracks and even exclusive NFT street art, the platform has everything to amaze an art collector. It is the first A-listed platform in the NFT space to stream (hear only) music and street art, catering to a family of artists and art collectors. The list of artists also includes Tory Lanez, the co-founder of the platform, who sold out his platinum album as an NFT within a minute.

It doesn’t end there: E-NFT.com has more to attract artists for its generosity in earning. An artist can earn by selling the rights to their art on this platform. The artist stands another chance to get paid if the collector resells the art on the platform. This also opens another source of revenue for art lovers who can purchase an NFT with complete rights and then resell it to earn money. Isn’t that a cool thing?

The most amazing aspect of E-NFT.com is its transparency in dealing with both buyers and sellers. To stay away from any kind of deception or tomfoolery, E-NFT.com maintains audits and transactional integrity. All monetary transactions are carried out on a public blockchain to keep it safe from any buyer or seller fraud. Currently, more than 80 percent of the total purchases on the platform are done with credit cards, which not only makes it convenient but also fool-proof.

Customer service is one of the top priorities at E-NFT.com. For this, the team behind it is working hard to make the platform profitable for artists and affordable for collectors. E-NFT.com is truly investing in the future of technology, digital art, and saving nature. Besides this eco-friendly move, E-NFT.com has also emerged as the most affordable NFT art platform. Now art lovers and music fans around the world can own an NFT without spending an arm or a leg for it.

The art streaming platform tied to the blockchain is storming the NFT space. It is looking forward to growing a bigger family of artists and collectors in the near future.