15 Sep 2021 · 4 min read

How CoinMiningDirect Can Help You Get Ahold of Crypto Miners

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According to reports, the crypto mining market is expected to grow from $1.6 billion (USD) in 2021 to $2.2 billion (USD), by 2026, with the United States quickly emerging as the next global crypto mining hub. The country has risen from fifth to second place in the last six months, accounting for roughly 17 percent of all worldwide bitcoin miners.

The hardware manufacturing market is expected to experience worldwide-growth of over $2 billion (USD), as well in the next four years. Many innovative tactics are implemented by suppliers. Hardware expenditures by semiconductor firms, rising demand for equipment, and merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies are all reasons that are causing the hardware industry to develop rapidly by 2024.

Effects of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic influences the bitcoin mining industry as well. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have gotten a lot of attention due to this unforeseen crisis. Banks utilized crypt currency for the first time and permitted B2B cryptocurrency payments between its clients.

The market is strengthened by investments in small businesses and startups. There is a grant growth of the cryptocurrency mining hardware market across APAC, North America, Europe, South America and MENA.

The Solution

A company based in St. Pacoima, CA offers a simple, easy solution when it comes to purchasing your mining hardware. By bulk buying new equipment from manufacturers and old equipment from major mining firms, CoinMiningDirect makes crypto miners more accessible to the average consumer.

The company began over two years ago in an effort to tackle the problem of restricted accessibility for the retail customer in the crypto mining industry.

“Mining equipment would either be completely out of stock or available only at insane scalper prices on eBay. Only the large mining companies had easy access to buying mining equipment on demand,” owners explained on the website coinminingdirect.com.

Today, CoinMiningDirect can place big bulk orders with manufacturers directly, ensuring that we have enough stock to sell to our clients at a reasonable price. We also acquire secondhand miners that are still in good working order from mining firms who are replacing older equipment with newer equipment on a regular basis.

The items are then stored in its Los Angeles warehouse until they are ready to ship with priority shipping. (Other merchants' delivery times can be longer, since they don't warehouse their own items, and instead have them sent from China.)

What to Look For

When it comes to mining gear, most people focus on hash-rate, which is a non-recommendable factor. Make your equipment selections depending on its efficiency. By dividing the hash rate by the power usage, efficiency may be determined.

This efficiency is one of the most important performance indicators used to rate equipment when it goes on the market. Simply said, the higher the efficiency, the longer your equipment will last. As a result, be cautious while choosing mining hardware. It's a difficult procedure to determine the performance grade of the equipment you're about to purchase.

CoinMiningDirect, one of the leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturing companies based in the United States, works for average and common consumers rather than for large mining companies.

CoinMiningDirect's major goal is to make mining equipment available to the public. Currently, the firm can handle large orders, indicating that CoinMiningDirect has enough of inventory to work with.

The company's restricted and cost-effective nature distinguishes it from other cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers on the market. Old items are also scheduled to sell with sufficient discounts so that people who cannot afford a new one may proceed with low-cost used equipment.

CoinMiningDirect involves the sales of featured brands such as Bitmain. Envidia, Nebra etc., making their business much professional. Buying equipment from CionMiningDirect will never disappoint you because consumer satisfaction and their feedback are actual results of a business.

Image courtesy: CoinMiningDirect

USP of CoinMiningDirect

CoinMiningDirect uses procedures that allow it to stand out against the competition.

  • Green initiatives

CoinMiningDirect is a website that sells secondhand mining equipment from major corporations. Used mining hardware is thoroughly checked before being used. All equipment is in good operating order, ready to be used by the consumer. Many clients with a limited budget might benefit from this procedure while also contributing to environmental initiatives.

  • Refunding and Warranty

CoinMiningDirect eliminates all worry from consumer purchases. The company offers refunds for any faulty equipment, with a warranty of nine months on all purchases.

  • Fast and Secure Shipping

The items are kept at CoinMiningDirect's Los Angeles warehouse. As a result, shipping becomes considerably easier, and clients receive their orders much faster. In the United States, shipping takes 2 to 3 days, while overseas shipments take 5 to 7 days. The shipping time may differ depending on the destination.

  • Modern Payment Methods

Cryptocurrency payments can be made directly through the website’s checkout page, to help further the use of cryptocurrency and its payments. Even though the company recommends the use of crypto payment, it also allows credit and debit payments through a third-party payment processor, “SimpleSwap”. (Note: Credit/debit payment costs more than a crypto payment. Using cryptocurrency as a method of payment will save you money.)

  • Accessible to average consumers

CoinMiningDirective's core idea and goals are to make their goods available to the public. This is achievable thanks to a cost-effective strategy and the sale of old equipment. This addresses the issue of the crypto mining market's limited accessibility for retail buyers.

  • Low power consumption, little heat emission, and simple installation

When it comes to bitcoin mining, hardware power consumption is a major issue. This presents a problem for the typical consumer. All CoinMiningDirect’s goods are energy efficient with low power consumption and no heat emissions.