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How to Calculate Crypto ROI and 5 Tips For a Positive Return

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

After investing in digital assets, users should know how to calculate return on investment when trading cryptocurrency. Since successful crypto traders tend to set targets before selling their holdings, it is crucial to calculate crypto gains. 

This guide will discuss what is ROI in cryptocurrency and show users how to calculate crypto returns. 

How to Calculate ROI on Crypto – Quick Guide

How do you calculate crypto profit? Users can simply calculate crypto returns with a simple crypto ROI calculator formula. The steps below demonstrate how to do so using a Bitcoin ROI calculator formula:

  • To calculate crypto return, users can reduce the original buying price from the current price and then divide the result with the original price again.
  • For example, let’s assume that a user bought $BTC at USD 20,000 and sold the token at USD 60,000.
  • After reducing the original price from the current BTC price, users will get the value of USD 40,000. Then USD 40,000 must be divided by the original price, which is USD 20,000.
  • Therefore, the crypto return on investment calculator assumes the ROI as 2, or 200%.

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What is ROI on Crypto?

Users must be wondering what is ROI in cryptocurrency? As described in the example above, the ROI crypto meaning is the return on investment on a particular asset. 

This formula is used to calculate a user’s profit/loss. For example, a trader may want to exit a trade after making an ROI of 20%. This can be used to calculate a user’s crypto mining ROI, Bitcoin ROI or any other investment they choose to track. 

The Top 5 Tips for a Positive Return when Investing in Cryptocurrency

The following sections provide users with a few tips for crypto investing to potentially maximize profits.

  1. Diversify Assets – Users should look at building their portfolio with multiple cryptocurrencies. Even when one of your assets is down, a diversified portfolio ensures that a single asset does not cause volatility to your investments.
  2. Set a Stop-loss – A stop-loss is a pre-fixed order to sell a particular asset after it falls to a specific level. Successful traders implement this tool to ensure that they do not lose additional value, and exit the trade on time.
  3. Pick High-Growth Tokens – Users can look to invest in upcoming tokens such as Battle Infinity and Lucky Block, which can potentially provide high gains in the long term.
  4. Leverage Assets – Applying leverage on cryptocurrencies allows users to multiply the value of their position without depositing more funds. However, this is a high-risk high reward tip since users stand a chance to multiply their losses and profits.
  5. Long-Term Investing – Investing for the long term is one of the popular tips for cryptocurrency trading. Users confident in a crypto project can simply invest in the token and hold it for multiple years.

Users looking for how to successfully day trade crypto can check out our guide on the best day trading cryptocurrency platforms in 2022. 

Which Crypto offers the Best ROI in 2022?

When looking for the best cryptos to invest in, users want to find out about the assets that provide the best ROI in 2022. After reviewing the available projects, we recommend Battle Infinity and Lucky Block as the best ROI projects in 2022. 

Battle Infinity is a decentralized project that is currently in its presale phase. The platform offers its utility token (IBAT), which can be used to avail of several benefits within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. We will discuss more on this in the sections below.

Lucky Block is an NFT Competitions game that use LBLOCK, its native crypto, to distribute rewards. Users can participate in weekly main draws, and NFT draws and stand a chance to earn up to USD 50,0000 in rewards. After releasing in January 2022, LBLOCK soared by over 1,100% in the first two weeks. 

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What is Battle Infinity?

As mentioned above, Battle Infinity is an upcoming crypto project aiming to revolutionize gaming technology by implementing various decentralized elements and blockchain protocols. Users can participate in different play-to-earn (P2E) platforms to earn rewards within the games. 

IBAT is the native crypto of Battle Infinity, which is used to distribute rewards and handle the platform. One of the products of Battle Infinity is the Premier League P2E, the first NFT-based sports fantasy league. Users can also engage in the Battle Arena – a metaverse and virtual ecosystem on Battle Infinity.

Another feature is the Battle Market Players can access the Battle Market to customize and design their avatars minted as NFTs using ERC 721 protocols. Furthermore, the IBAT Battle Stake Arena lets users stake their IBAT tokens to receive a potentially high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in return. 

Battle Infinity even hosts global liquidity pools, where portions of IBAT tokens are deposited as transaction fees. Interested investors can join the Battle Infinity Telegram Group to stay updated with the latest developments in this decentralized ecosystem. 

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Should I Buy Battle Infinity?

The sections below provide a few reasons and factors for why users may want to invest in Battle Infinity. 

Benefits of Buying Battle Infinity

  • Innovative P2E Platform – Battle Infinity is the first ever blockchain protocol that lets users participate in an NFT-based sports league. Furthermore, users can participate in the platform’s metaverse, design their own NFT avatars and engage in events and concerts on a virtual ecosystem.
  • Multi-Utility Token – IBAT is used to distribute in-game rewards, provide liquidity to Battle Infinity’s platform, used for monetization purposes within the metaverse and can be staked and swapped on Battle Infinity.
  • Exciting Roadmap – Battle Infinity plans to expand its crypto project by implementing strategic NFT mainnent deployments, launch IBAT on PancakeSwap DEX and use several marketing campaigns to promote the brand.

Battle Infinity Price

Battle Infinity (IBAT) launched for a presale price of USD 0.0015 per token on July 11th, 2022. The 90-day presale event is on course to sell out before the October 10th deadline due to the strong momentum the token has witnessed.

Within just over a week of the presale going live, IBAT has gathered over USD 600,000 in its seed funding round. Since the soft cap targets have been met, Battle Infinity is on course to begin with the game development and beta testing. 

Battle Infinity Price Prediction

While it is hard to predict when the crypto market will go up, Battle Infinity’s future price can be predicted by looking at its fundamentals. 

According to a report published by McKinsey, the metaverse could potentially grow to hit a USD 5 trillion valuation. Battle Infinity has the potential to acquire a significant share due to the multiple features that it provides via the IBAT token. 

Another boost for Battle Infinity is that it originated from India – a growing technology hotspot. With leading projects like Polygon emerging from this region, India is becoming a hub for tech-savvy investors and entrepreneurs. 

IBAT is on course to provide significant returns after starting its presale launch with strong interest. Read our guide to see how IBAT could explode to deliver 100x gains

How to Buy Battle Infinity – Detailed Tutorial

Now, let’s look at how to buy Battle Infinity.

Step 1: Set up a BSC-Compatible Wallet

Users can download a BSC-compatible wallet such as MetaMask to buy Battle Infinity.

Step 2: Connect MetaMask to BSC 

To add the BSC after downloading MetaMask, click on “Add Network” and insert the following:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Step 3: Buy BNB 

Users must buy Binance Coin before purchasing IBAT. Simply access a crypto exchange, purchase BNB and transfer the tokens to the MetaMask wallet. 

Step 4: Link MetaMask to Presale Dashboard

Head over to the Battle Infinity presale website, and click on “Connect Wallet” to link MetaMask with Battle Infinity. 

Users can then choose the MetaMask option and follow the instructions to link the wallet with the presale.

Step 5: Buy IBAT (Battle Infinity) 

Users can simply scroll down to the “Buy IBAT” open order position to continue.

Enter the amount of IBAT they wish to purchase and click on “Buy IBAT” to confirm the transaction. 

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