11 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

How Aurum is Planning to Dominate the Market in the Nearest Future

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

In the past few years, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen a sudden surge and influx of projects which has caused the industry to lead to the brink of saturation. While most projects compete for the same spots, few take a different route which gives them a better chance of success. 

On top of that, the roadmap of the project also determines the reliability and success of the project. A roadmap not only instils faith in the community but also helps the projects follow the best plan to success. Aurum, the gold standard of reward tokenomics and BSC security, has launched an updated roadmap for Aurum Wallet v1 to ensure its dominance over the market in the near future. 

Aurum Ecosystem

Aurum derives its name from the Latin word, Au | Rum, meaning GOLD, which perfectly sums up the project’s mission. Aurum aims to establish gold standards for BSC security and reward tokenomics using a pioneer reward system, problem-solving use case and charitable roots. 

Aurum Ecosystem is powered by game-changing rewards, Aurum Secure Wallet and Aurum Crypto-centric Security Browser. The project has designed a utility token, $AUR, that allows holders to earn automatically redistributed rewards in any BEP-20 token of their preference. The Aurum Secure Wallet is in the Beta testing phase and will be released according to the following roadmap. 

Aurum’s Wallet Roadmap

Since its inception, Aurum has achieved several feats and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. The project has planned a detailed roadmap with several exciting features and products in the pipeline.

Phase 1 (Q4 2021) 

Aurum has created a BSC Wallet, which imports existing wallets with private keys. The BSC wallet will have several features such as the ability to send, add and swap tokens using ApeSwap or Pancakeswap. Users can also edit gas, reveal private keys and use the preset Gewi. 

Phase 2 (Mid Q4 2021)

Phase 2 will include a major graphic update that will bring more accessibility, such as live charts, live total portfolio value (USD/GBP/EUR/BNB), and live individual token portfolio value. Users can also check past and pending transactions, adjust auto-slippage / manual slippage for token swaps, and import existing wallets using seed phrases.

Phase 3 (Q4 2021)

Phase 3 has several exciting new updates such as the NFT minting, showcasing, dApp connectivity & compatibility, and multi-factor authentication. Moreover, users can view their live portfolio values after-sale tax.

Full Release Q1 2022

Aurum will release the full version of Aurum Wallet and fix all the bugs in the Open Beta version. 

Following the successful full version release of version 1 Aurum Wallet, the project will begin the development of version 2 to give users more premium wallet features along with the core features. 

Aurum has carefully planned all the steps necessary to ensure a sustainable and fruitful future for the community and the platform. To learn more about Aurum, visit https://aurumofficial.net/.