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Hong Kong is On the Path to Become a Hub for Crypto Capital Markets, CEO of RockTree Capital

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital, urged Hong Kong regulators and financial institutions to continue to embrace Web3 in order for it to become a hub for crypto capital markets increasing  Hong Kong’s global competitiveness.

Ozden was invited to attend the inaugural Web3 Festival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, and organized by W3ME. The event, which was held from April 12th-15th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), attracted over 10,000 attendees, 300 industry speakers, and hundreds of Web3 projects, community partners, and media partners from around the world. The festival provided an opportunity for attendees to network, share, and learn through high-level content and discussions across five different stages and an area of about 9,000㎡.

Ozden met with Asian crypto partners and investors during the event to discuss building momentum in Web3. On April 11th, Ozden spoke at the “Modular 3 Security, Substance, Scalability” experts forum, which was organized by Pando Finance in conjunction with Draper Roark, Babylon, ZX Squared, and ARPA. During the forum, panels of industry experts and scholars exchanged views on the technical architecture, applied use cases, and business models of Web3. The speakers generally agreed that Web3 is the next important development stage of the Internet with unlimited potential and broad use cases for industries.

In the second panel of the seminar, titled “The Past, Present and Future of Digital Assets and its Marriage with TradFi”, Ozden, along with several other industry experts, discussed the past, present, and future development of Web3. The panel included Bobby Lee, founder of Bitcoin China and Ballet Wallet, Yemu Xu, Co-founder of ARPA Network and of ZX Squared Capital, Lily Z. King, COO of Cobo amongst others.  Ozden expressed his excitement for further development of cross-chain infrastructure, which he believes is the general direction of Web3, as well as the next iterations of DeFi, particularly multi-chain DEXs that deliver a centralized experience.

Ozden is an industry pioneer who witnessed the development of China’s Internet from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and ultimately to Web3 after arriving in China in the early 1990s. He is also an International Partner of ZhenFund and a U.S. securities attorney, who was part of the legal team that invented the VIE Structure (Variable Interest Entity) that helped open China’s internet industry to foreign venture capital investment and eventual initial public offerings on the Nasdaq. Ozden is renowned for his crypto investments in ChainLink, The Graph, dYdX, REN, Fantom, Maple Finance, Pocket Network, among many others, and most recently cross-chain projects such as LI.Fi and Golden Gate. 

Under Ozden’s leadership, RockTree Capital has become one of Web3’s premier early-stage investment funds, bringing together the best of the western and eastern crypto markets.

Pictured Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital speaking on the “The Past, Present and Future of Digital Assets “

Ozden believes that Hong Kong has made great initial strides recently to set regulatory frameworks for the Web3 industry, and needs to reassert its traditional role as a capital markets hub, in relation to other capital markets centers such as Singapore and Switzerland, where the development of the cryptocurrency industry has exploded. He urged regulators and local financial institutions in Hong Kong to push further into providing open arms for the Web3 industry so Hong Kong can compete globally in the development of digital asset markets.

Pictured left to right: Yemu, Co-founder of ARPA Network and Founding Partner of ZX Squared Capital; Bobby Lee, Founder of BalletWallet; Kenny, Co-founder and COO of Manta; Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital; Lily Z. King, COO of Cobo; Hoansoo Lee, Co-founder of exaBITS; Xin, Partner of OldFashionResearch.

“Hong Kong, just like New York and Singapore, is a center of TradFi capital markets and thus is well-suited to be a hub for crypto capital markets and Web3 development, since the earliest use-cases in Web3 have been financial. Significant members of the U.S. Web3 community have moved from San Francisco to New York because of this truism, and I see a similar future for Hong Kong.” said Ozden. He further stated that the recent favorable regulatory advancements in Hong Kong will be seen as a major milestone in the development of Web 3.0, promoting industry collaboration and interest from global investors. 

About RockTree Capital 

RockTree Capital, an early stage investment fund and merchant bank based in China focused on blockchain and mobile e-commerce projects at the nexus of Greater China and North America. RockTree with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, New York and Toronto, invests into top-tier blockchain projects and accelerates their growth in Asia. 

Media contact: Alisa Luo, [email protected]

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.