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Hive: Thriving Ecosystem Designed For NFT Adoption

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Hive is the secret gem of blockchain. With a two second transaction speed and bridging the gap between social media and crypto, Hive has arrived! The fact that the protocol has not brought even more buzz is a mystery, especially with its amazing transaction speed, free transactions and die-hard fans. Hive also has Splinterlands built on its blockchain, by far the biggest blockchain game in the world! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg in the world of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Hive hosts a whole array of wildly popular NFTs and games.

The world is slowly starting to notice Hive’s incredible upward trajectory, and those who realize this early will be able to reap its rewards before more investors and influencers catch on. In the world of NFTs, Hive is the protocol to watch out for.

Fees and Transaction Times

Low fees “is good”, “0 fees” is even better!

With people realizing the drawbacks of Ethereum, Solana, Polygon’s scaling with high transaction times and fees, crypto and NFT fans are looking at other places to park their hard-earned cash. With Ethereum gaining notoriety for its fees that can sometimes cost more than NFTs themselves and an increasingly clogged network, these factors become more important over time. To put it bluntly, many games have died on other chains because of these fees and transaction times. If it takes minutes, or even hours, for the NFTs on your games to pop up, it can cause problems to the experience as a whole.

With Hive, however, and its tested and proven delegated Proof-of-Stake system, the platform has made it easy for NFTs and games to be developed in its ecosystem. This is a big reason as to why several NFTs and games are seen being developed on Hive. Once more developers, investors and gamers realize Hive for its true value, more will flock to this fully realized protocol.

Hive’s Unique Social Media Integrations, Proof-of-Brain, and NFT Promotion Capabilities

Other protocols are also still trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between social media and NFTs. This is monumentally important. The amount of social media channels that pop up for projects in order to promote them shows how important having these channels are. 

NFTs need communities. The more exposure art and games get, the higher chance that the project will become successful. Most art and games in existence have to depend on third party forums, like Twitter or Facebook. Hive’s answer to more mainstream adoption is the social media present on its platform. This is a decentralized social media, owned by its community members. The community decides its fate, rather than it being subject to centralized entities.

Proof-of-Brain has members of the Hive community earning through just participation, like blogging, discussion, participation and playing games, along with dapp creation. This powerful execution shows just how far the protocol will go and the characteristics it has that other blockchain projects lack. It’s no wonder that, even though investors and influencers have yet to catch on, Hive already has die-hard fans who believe in the project.

NFT Projects On Hive

Splinterlands - This NFT card game is the biggest blockchain game in the world. With a library of 500+ cards with unique rarities and abilities, it has the mechanics of a great traditional card game. There are regular tournaments where you can pit your skills against others and earn crypto if you win. Splinterlands is also impressive in that it has cross-compatibility with multiple blockchains, making this Hive-based blockchain also a technical feat.

Ragnarok - This NFT card game has airdropped all of its cards to Hive holders for free, making massive news on Hive. Each god or titan can have up to 33 spells in the game and the spells are also NFTs you can collect and trade. The NFTs you get while playing the game are compared by Ragnarok as ‘mined’. 

Hivefolks - This NFT collection is based on Hivers who contributed to the community. Those who have stuck around for a while on Hive will be the ones chomping at the bit to grab one of these 546 NFTs. These NFTs are a pixelated multitude of impactful community members that have taken on the body of bees while keeping their human heads, adding a fun dimension to them.

NFT Showroom - With art sales occurring on the daily and over 11,000 NFTs from over 1,600 artists, NFT Showroom has quickly become a platform for artists and collectors. This blockchain is free and it’s fast, making digital art auctions simple and accessible to all.

Hivepunks - Taking after the classic CryptoPunks, Hivepunks puts its own spin on the pixelated NFT style while making improvements. It’s the Blockhead Games’ most popular project. 

Rising Star - In Rising Star, you earn STARBITS and NFTs by completing missions. Through this, you can collect or work your way up in the game to be a superstar. You can win prizes, earn money and listen to independent music, creating a unique NFT ecosystem.

dCity - Based on Hive engine NFTs, this game is a city simulator. Individual cards in the game represent buildings, citizens and more, the total sum of your cards constructing your city. There are also organic elements like tactics, diplomacy and randomness in society that have positive and negative game impact. Those who love negotiation should give this game a go.

Cryptobrewmaster - In this game, you can manage your own brewery by managing workers, supplies, ingredients, etc. and selling beer in the process. You can use tokens to get better in-game items to create a successful brewery. You can attempt to put your name out there by attending events and competitions.

NFTTUNZ - One of the most untapped resources in NFTs is tokenized music. NFTTUNZ delivers on this gap in the market by auctioning collective and scarce music as NFTs. You can also get rewards for any NFT.


With its two second transaction speed, free transactions and numerous projects rolling around for the Hive blockchain, it’s only a matter of time before more developers and investors catch on to this hidden gem and the potential it has for games and NFTs. As the social media aspects of Hive become bigger and as more protocols are developed on the blockchain, more and more will see Hive for its true value and jump on this ever-growing platform.

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