11 Oct 2022 · 3 min read

Hedera Crypto Price Prediction - HBAR vs IMPT 2022 - 2023

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Hedera crypto has pumped over 9% despite the bearish sentiment in the blockchain markets bringing the price back above $0.062.

Inspecting the price charts up close, we can also see a potential bearish reversal pattern known as a rising wedge forming. 

Will HBAR continue to pump or will a bearish reversal take place? 

Hedera (HBAR) Crypto Price Prediction 

Over the last few weeks the price action of Hedera has been rather volatile, seeing lows of $0.055 and highs of up to $0.084. 

From a technical analysis perspective HBAR crypto is still in a major downtrend, but recent price action shows that HBAR could be setting up to do something quite bullish if price structure is not lost. 

Hedera is currently forming a bearish reversal pattern on the smaller time frames however, so we could see a short-term pull back in price before potentially retesting further resistance levels such as $0.0622. 

HBAR/USDT - 15 Minute Time Frame.

As we can see, Hedera (HBAR) crypto is forming a rising wedge on the smaller time frames, this is typically bearish and we could lose support of $0.0615 and see further negative continuation down to $0.059. 

The Fibonacci retracement suggests that if the support level is lost on this particular time frame, we could retest $0.059 and perhaps get a bounce there if buyers identify value at that specific price level. 

Should the HBAR bulls be able to gather enough momentum and break through the $0.0629 price levels, there is a good chance that the price of Hedera might pump up to $0.082 during Q4 2022. 

In my opinion, Hedera crypto is actually extremely undervalued when contrasting the price from now to the bull market of 2021. 

HBAR/USDT - Weekly Time Frame.

Things get interesting when zooming out on the price charts for Hedera. We can see that HBAR is has now reached the oversold territory on the relative strength index. 

The current price levels of Hedera look very similar to price levels prior to the parabolic bull run in February 2021. 

We could speculate that current price levels would offer similar levels of prosperity, meaning that downside potential could be minimized as we surf through the extreme fear phase of the market cycle. 

The above chart also reflects that HBAR was overbought during the bull market in 2021, and a huge bearish divergence formed by joining a higher-high on the price and a lower-high on the relative strength index. 

In my opinion, if you are looking to hold cryptocurrency and have a long-term investment strategy HBAR could certainly be a wise choice right now. 

Hedera (HBAR) Crypto Video Analysis

Coinmarketcap states that Hedera (HBAR) crypto has a market capital of $1.4 billion and is ranked #39 versus other cryptocurrencies. 

We could certainly see Hedera do a 10x from current price levels by the next crypto bull run, although traders should always remain risk averse especially as we delve deeper into crypto winter. 

Alternative Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies? 

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