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Harmony and Lympo Partner to Provide Sharing of Health Data

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September 12, 2019, Singapore – Lympo, a leading Blockchain health app company and Harmony, maker of the most scalable blockchain consensus platform, announced a partnership to enable fast and secure health data sharing. With the Lympo app running on Harmony’s blockchain, a large-scale consumer to business data-sharing marketplace will be demonstrated as wholly viable.

The Lympo app, which rewards people for healthy lifestyle actions like walking or running, is available in the U.S. and South Korea. With benefits to both users and brands, Lympo offers a unique gamified solution to build a healthy diet and exercise habits. The app has gained more than 260,000 users in just eight months, boasting more than 89,000 monthly active users. Lympo users redeem LYM token rewards by completing various daily challenges and are able to spend the tokens to buy sports goods, gadgets, and other popular products on the Lympo shop. Recently, Lympo has been added as one of the first DApps to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet available on all new Samsung phones.

“Harmony’s technology will help us to reach Lympo’s vision to reward everyone for building healthy lifestyle habits,” said Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse. “Secure and scalable health data sharing will be possible with Harmony’s blockchain infrastructure targeting millions of new users.”

Over 60% of smartphone users worldwide have at least one healthy lifestyle apps. According to Accenture, US consumer wearable usage skyrocketed from 9% in 2014 to 33% in 2018. In the future, Lympo users will be able to get paid for their healthy lifestyle data with businesses or share it with healthcare providers, fitness trainers or family members.

Until now all this valuable data has been in the hands of the app and wearable operators adding no additional benefits to consumers like money rewards or data-based healthy lifestyle advice. However, Lympo changes this with Harmony’s blockchain technology, as announced by Harmony’s co-founder, Stanford engineering graduate, Nick White at the Invest Asia Summit held in Singapore today.

Harmony Co-Founder Nick White said “We are always looking for projects like Lympo who are looking for scalable blockchain to handle its exponential growth. We see data sharing as one of the core use cases of Harmony and we believe that with Lympo we can really pave the road for what data sharing looks like on Blockchain.”

Harmony blockchain is unlike other previous blockchain implementations that have proven too expensive, slow and lack mainstream adoption among Dapps. Harmony relies on a technique called deep sharding to speed up transactions exponentially, splitting all the data associated with a transaction into pieces and distributing it across the nodes of its network. This technological breakthrough puts Harmony ahead of its competitors as the best choice for blockchain app developers. Having successfully launched its IEO on Binance, Harmony has been actively expanding its ecosystem by being shortlisted on Coinbase and via its acquisition of Quidd with Animoca Brands to penetrate the digital collectible market.