GSI – the Eco-Friendly Token That Fights Air Pollution (and more)

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

GSI is a brand new project based on blockchain technology, which is trying to tackle the world’s biggest environmental problem: air pollution. 

Pollution is one of the most devastating effects of modern life, killing over 4 million people every year. It is not something we can simply ignore and hope will go away; the problem is now too big and the solution is not ‘one size fits all’.

Up to 20% of total pollution-related deaths could be prevented by simple environmental interventions,” explains the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Global Innovative Solutions (GSI) is taking the challenge head on, together with its Green Community, with the aim of improving the quality of our planet’s air, developing and financing activities and projects that respect nature and are ecologically sustainable, while guaranteeing a gradual and progressive increase in the company’s value.

We can therefore translate GSI’s Mission into three words: “Making The Difference” 

Global Innovative Solutions – The project

As mentioned earlier, our environment is facing a huge challenge: the pollution caused by the industrialisation of our cities.

The careless use of electronic devices, the excessive consumption of plastic, the implementation of new buildings are just a few examples of deforestation, pollution and overabundance of Co2 in the air. 

All this has a negative impact on our environment by drastically affecting the Earth’s natural ecosystems.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the lack of consideration for our planet.

Although many people are aware that air pollution is harmful to the environment and humans, many still do not have a good understanding of the problem or how to combat it.

GSI is a particular cryptocurrency that has just been created, with a “Total Green” agenda that helps the planet in different ways; it can be defined as a kind of “green money” that can fight environmental pollution in the world by reducing Co2 emissions and plastic usage. 

It achieves this with the help of its partnerships, which are involved in safeguarding our ecosystem through the installation of systems with different functions, all with ecological implications (systems for wastewater clarification, industrial sludge treatment, installation of water purifiers, etc.).

GSI and the “Green Partnerships”

Global Innovative Solutions acts as a broker between the partner company and its customers.

Orders that arrive at the partner companies are taken over by GSI.

GSI immediately pays exactly half of the invoiced amount to the partner company in fiat currency. The other half is paid out in the form of GSI Tokens, purchased at market price.

In essence, every time a request for services is taken up with the partner company, a strong market impact will be generated with the consequent increase in the price of the Token.

However, the focus is on the tangible pollution reduction that will occur through the installation of the green equipment by the partner companies.

Green Mining and Pollution Reduction

In order for GSI Tokens to be generated, specific conditions must be met.

In the blockchain, the following transactions must be reported and recorded (via text-only contracts): 

  • Payment certifying that pollution reduction has been achieved;
  • Certification of the actual environmental benefit.

Only then will the owners issue tokens.

The innovation therefore lies in the fact that every GSI token issued on the market corresponds to and is really supported by concrete physical results and cannot in any way generate money if it does not correspond to a tangible reduction in pollution.

In addition to this, Global Innovative Solutions rewards its holders with a gesture of recognition for those who believe in the project and support it: for every tonne of Co2 saved in the air thanks to the installation of the partner companies’ green systems, 221,000 tokens will be mined (estimated amount of Co2 saved in one month).

Of these, 22% are distributed to holders in proportion to the amount of tokens held in the wallet.


Let’s take a look at the relevant aspects of the GSI Token-Economy.

Buy-Back Program

We are talking about the solid foundation of the project.

The Global Innovative Solution will reinvest 21% of the profits generated each month in the purchase of GSI Tokens at market price, constantly providing liquidity to the pool while preventing the price from losing significance for reasons unrelated to the token’s fundamentals.

Unlocking at 1%

In addition, the team has set up a replenishment plan that results in the release of 1% of the number of tokens, per month.

Explained simply, this means that once purchased, the tokens will remain locked in place after launch and you will be able to redeem them in your wallet at a rate of 1% per month, thus preventing GSI Token depreciation while providing a long-term passive income.


Global Innovative Solutions is always thinking big, which is why it will pledge to donate 2% of its profits each month for water purification and pollution reduction on the planet, following the “2030 Agenda goals”.

In addition, it has already earmarked funds for an agricultural project that has just started in Senegal, to support women’s work. The objectives are of fencing an 8000sqm plot of land, a 65m deep well, a water tower with a 3000 litres cistern and the installation of a solar panel system and pump to extract the water.


GSI has already achieved great results at the opening of the first pre-sale phase held on 21 January 2022 by selling over 14 million tokens in just 2 hours. 26 million GSI Tokens worth USD 530,000 were issued, concretely helping to save over 117 tonnes of Co2.

As per the manual, 25,882.34 Tokens will be distributed to all GSI holders.

In conclusion…

In a world where it is more important than ever to protect the planet, GSI is a Green Utility Token that helps reduce pollution while raising funds for the preservation of our ecosystem, encouraging a greener lifestyle and putting the Earth’s resources first. 

Every crypto investor who wants to help create a safer and cleaner environment to live in should hold GSI Token. 

The future is “Eco-Friendly” and GSI is here to guide us towards it.