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A Groundbreaking Summit Sponsored By Business Club AG

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The new oil of the Middle East is blockchain, and the blockchain Global Distributed Cloud Summit (DCS) will highlight this fact to the world. As the Golden Sponsor of the DCS 2021 Global Blockchain Summit in Abu Dhabi, Business club AG is championing the growth of blockchain worldwide. 

Through 15th to 17th December 2021, 200 leaders advancing blockchain will give the latest cutting edge insights to financial services leaders in the industry. They will deliver gripping speeches in a Ted-talk style manner about blockchain and its rapidly accelerating pace. Notably, the speakers will get to the heart of the budding multibillion dollar industry.

As if that’s not enough, Business Club AG is the world’s first company to officially invite Jordan Belfort, the Wolf Of Wall Street, to a crypto related event. You will see how this legend in finance views crypto and be able to meet him in person! This and the speakers on the $3 Trillion dollar value of this growing space will certainly enlighten you on the greatest advancements coming out.

In addition to world-class speeches, there will be a lounge area where you can see live demonstrations, meet NFT artists, play games while earning crypto and participate in live trading and giveaways. 

The specific details of the event include:

  • Helicon NFT Studio bringing together a host of A-List Celebrities and experts for a fun, energetic
  • LIVE chat show and interviews around Blockchain, NFT’s and Bitcoin, streamed globally
  • CRYPTO Zone: Live Trading Competitions, CRYPTO Airdrop, Prizes Giveaway
  • NFT Zone: Art Gallery, Live Demonstrations, Celebrity Meet & Greet
  • DEFI Zone a networking opportunity to meet DeFi and Crypto Enterprises

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About Business Club

Being the largest business club in all of crypto, Business Club AG’s exclusive features have already been praised in multiple articles on Cryptonews.com. Recently, Business Club & BCT Active Wallet has changed owners. The project was taken over by Business Club AG, a Switzerland company based in Zurich and the mother country has plans to skyrocket the business.

Through Business Club AG, you can meet success-oriented people, grow your business and discover unique opportunities to increase your capital. Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, Business Club will bring your goals to new heights through their proven methods.

Among Business Club’s multiple features include:

  1. Active Wallets
    • Store and multiply your funds with its revolutionary technology
  2. Business Club Token (BCT)
    • Store, transfer, pay and learn through this unique token
  3. Business Club Blockchain (BCB)
    • Thoroughly check all your transactions in this original blockchain.
  4. Business Club Ecosystem
    • Transparent, stable, well-balanced ecosystem with clear, defined rules
  5. Business Club Payment Cards
    • Cross borders with Business Club Payment cards.Spend fiat and virtual currencies all throughout the world.
  6. Business Club Network
    • Connect with a worldwide business community and create your own business team

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