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Groundbreaking Income-Generating Real Estate Platform Continues to Soar: Just One Day Left at Current Prices

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The groundbreaking income-generating real estate platform, Metropoly, continues to soar after raising over $1.1 million in its presale. Investors are quickly flocking to the presale as they believe the passive income provided through rental yield on the real-estate-backed NFTs will attract a lot of attention.

The presale is currently in the eleventh stage, but you need to hurry to get invested at the current prices because the next stage is about to start today with higher prices incoming. With under a month left before launch, this is certainly an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Learn why here.

Metropoly’s Eleventh Stage Has Just One Day Remaining Before Higher Prices Return

As the Metropoly presale approaches the twelfth stage today, the fundraising has crossed the $1.1 million milestone. The presale started to gain considerable traction in recent weeks following the announcement from the team that they intend to launch the Metropoly Marketplace on May 1st, meaning investors won’t have to wait too long until their investment starts to grow alongside the platform.

The current presale stage is the eleventh stage and is selling the METRO token - the native token behind the platform - for a price of $0.0769. However, you will need to act quickly to take advantage of these lower prices because the price for the METRO token will increase once the presale enters the twelfth stage.

Those investing in the latter stages of the presale are still likely to exit the fundraising with considerable profit. The team has stated that they intend to list the token on multiple tier-1 centralized and decentralized exchanges at a price of $0.1 - providing a 30% profit for those investing in the current stage.

Metropoly is Bringing Innovation to the Dinosaur Real Estate Market

Investors are becoming increasingly excited about Metropoly because the project brings innovation to the age-old real estate market that hasn’t evolved in some decades. The project has created the world’s first real-estate-backed NFT marketplace, where all of the NFTs are linked to real-world real estate properties.

Metropoly is on a mission to make real estate more accessible to the general public by democratizing the real estate investment sector. In addition, they intend to change the way real estate investing is conducted for the better by integrating modern technology into the sector. The team believes that around 90% of real estate investment is performed offline, and the project is designed to reduce this number.

The great thing about the platform is that users aren’t required to take out expensive mortgages to acquire real estate, which especially helps when considering the rising economic interest rates. Furthermore, there’s no need to take an invasive credit check, contact a bank, or fill out mountains of paperwork. Instead, users can get started with their real estate portfolios on the platform in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, the team wants to make real estate investment more accessible to users across the globe, which is why they’ve ensured that anybody can invest in real estate NFTs, regardless of their location. This means that, even if you live in a remote location, you can still invest in luxury property in locations such as Dubai, London, or Paris.

Metropoly Makes Real Estate Investment Affordable and Brings Life to Passive Income Again

Another great platform feature is that Metropoly makes real estate investment affordable again. Users can get started on their real estate journeys with as little as $100. This is made possible because all of the properties on the marketplace are fractionalized into little pieces. These pieces are then tokenized as NFTs to represent ownership.

Owning one of the NFTs grants ownership rights to the holder. Therefore, they can sell the NFT at any time on the platform, allowing them to take advantage of any capital appreciation on the property. However, the best feature of holding an NFT is that it provides a genuinely passive income to owners.

The passive income is provided by the rental yield on the property, which is often considered the most reliable source of cash flow. The income is passive because the Metropoly team handles all of the property maintenance and ensures there’s a tenant paying rent. NFT holders will have their share of the rental yield distributed to their wallets each month in the form of stablecoins.

It’s important to note that the passive income is entirely sustainable and won’t diminish over time, unlike most “passive income” NFT projects. This is because the income is provided through rental yield rather than “free” rewards that dilute a token’s value.

Higher Prices Incoming Ahead of Launch: Just One Day for Current Presale Stage

With just one day to go at the current stage of the presale, this is your final opportunity to have the chance to purchase METRO at a price of $0.0769. Once the presale enters the twelfth stage, the price for the token will increase. When we consider that the launch of the official marketplace is just weeks away, this might be one of the best presale opportunities available on the market today.

The METRO token will be the native transaction and reward token on the platform and will be used to purchase NFTs on the marketplace. Users can purchase METRO using USDT, ETH, or BNB, with a $100 minimum investment. Furthermore, those participating in the presale are enrolled in the Platinum Member’s Club, which provides early access to the platform and an exclusive Metropoly NFT. Those investing larger sums are also entitled to receive cashback when purchasing NFTs on the platform.

Overall, Metropoly has created a groundbreaking platform that has the ability to totally transform the entire real estate investment industry.