05 Aug 2021 · 2 min read

GreenTrust Token Representative Discusses Eco-Conscious Mission

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GreenTrust Token is quickly becoming the top eco-conscious cryptocurrency. This, during a time when cryptocurrency has become increasingly under threat for not being as environmentally conscious as it once seemed. The representatives at GreenTrust Token recently discussed how they plan to change the cryptocurrency industry for the better, starting with the actions their company takes.

"Green Trust is a sustainable decentralized finance app allowing users to participate in pools, exchange tokens, and earn staking or transaction fees. It is the most upgraded and eco-conscious cryptocurrency option right now," GreenTrust Token team members said.

GreenTrust uses popular blockchain technology to help businesses, developers, and stakeholders reach economic goals in an eco-friendly way. The end goal is an overall greener economy. The company offers all this while allowing these companies and individuals to participate in open eco-friendly markets of assets and tokens.

"Concerns regarding cryptocurrency and major social issues like climate change are rising," GreenTrust Token representatives said. "We're here to change that. We've moved beyond simply cryptocurrency to increase biodiversity, reduce carbon footprints, and reverse the negative effects of climate change."

Non-dispatchable renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar photovoltaic (PV), present major disadvantages with respect to the conventional fossil fuel power plant. In these technologies, power cannot be controlled by operators, or in other words, they can’t model the power production output to meet the electrical grid on demand.

The main goal of the “Mining for Non-dispatchable renewable energy sources” project is to develop a revolutionary method to use the power peak and excess for the non-dispatchable renewable energy sources by means of mining.

Representatives explained that the goal of GreenTrust is to reduce these polluting sources that are now so commonly linked with the industry. The company will focus on hydro, solar, wind, and other reusable forms of energy to transition into a less carbon-intensive industry. Through these efforts, GreenTrust will contribute to emissions reduction. Profits will be reinvested into helping the company become carbon-negative.

GreenTrust Token is able to create a more eco-conscious environment by increasing the efficiency of all parts of the computational industry. In turn, the company can reduce the negative effects this industry has on the environment. The long-term goal at GreenTrust Token is to combat the current and future carbon emission associated with blockchain technology. The company is currently implementing several initiatives geared toward reducing the industry's overall footprint as well as individual sources of pollution.

One of these initiatives is known as the "Tree Trust" initiative.

"We began the 'Tree Trust' initiative to combat the carbon emission we're currently seeing in blockchain technology," experts said. "Bitcoin would be one of the top 30 energy users in the world if it was a country. It would rank higher than the Netherlands and Argentina."

"We are beginning with the mission of making GreenTrust a carbon negative company," Representatives said. "Then, we'll continue to work until the entire industry is considered carbon negative."

The company will be implementing numerous other initiatives to work toward the goal of a greener computation industry.