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Green Shopping Coin Excites Crypto Investors – Presale Explodes Past $2.5 Million

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IMPT.io is a cryptocurrency initiative aimed at lowering carbon output through the use of carbon credits, as well as an innovative social media platform designed to encourage people to minimize their carbon footprint. 

The platform’s revolutionary use of blockchain technology enables it to give verifiable carbon credits, removing the possibility of carbon credit-related scams. 

Over 10,000 of the world’s largest brands have already joined forces with the IMPT.io project. This will assist the project in reaching a large audience. IMPT has a fully doxed team of industry leaders with extensive experience. 


This amount of transparency is encouraging and speaks well for the project’s growth and sustainability. 

IMPT Presale Explodes Past $2.5 Million

Investors only got their hands on the IMPT token only six days ago, yet it’s already dominating the market. According to my previous update, the IMPT presale has raised more than $2 million and is still ongoing. 

In terms of total funding, the IMPT presale is currently about 23% complete. There is a strict limit of $10.8 million for the presale. There will be a total of three phases, with the first one beginning now. 

The project is presently in phase 1 presale, with 600 million IMPT available for $0.018 apiece. 

The project’s native currency, the IMPT token, has already raised more than $2.5 million, $2,557,873 to be exact, after only six days of the presale. 

IMPT Presale – Source: impt.io

Moreover, the network has already sold 142 million tokens. The IMPT presale is currently being held online via their website.

IMPT Most Upvoted on CoinSniper

With 630,179 votes so far, IMPT has become the most upvoted coin on CoinSniper. 

Best Coin Today – Source: CoinSniper

Speaking about CoinSniper, it’s a user-driven cryptocurrency voting website. New cryptocurrency projects can be listed and viewed on CoinSniper. 

Anyone can propose a cryptocurrency project to CoinSniper by filling out the website’s submission form.

IMPT Passes Smart Contract Audit

The IMPT group had eNebula Solutions check their ‘Sale’ Smart Contract extensively. 

IMPT Passes Smart Contract Audit – Source: IMPT Telegram

Their report summarizes what they discovered after inspecting the Smart Contract of IMPT. Reading the smart contract source code and then running their own static code analyzer through the Specific tool were the first steps in their audit. 

The goal is to use static analysis to find examples of common programming errors and then manually validate (reject or confirm) any problems discovered by the tool. 

eNebula Solutions conducts manual reviews of business logic, system processes, and DeFi-related factors to further investigate potential dangers and/or problems.

eNebula Audit Report Findings – Source: eNebula Report

So far, they’ve uncovered zero critical, zero high, zero medium, and zero low-severity concerns. All things considered, the design of these smart contracts is solid.

Visit IMPT Today

The IMPT presale is still live, so anybody interested in purchasing tokens can do so. However, the IMPT presale appears to be going extremely well, and it may sell out before its November 25 expiration date. So, don’t pass up your chance to be the first to buy at the lowest price.

Join their social community channels and groups to learn more about the project.

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