Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) Is The Next Big Bitcoin Development: Earn For Making BTC Predictions

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There is a new crypto project that is generating a lot of buzz and it’s called Green Bitcoin (GBTC). After nabbing wave after wave of investors in its presale, Green Bitcoin has been steamrolling through crypto circles because of what it offers, and by the looks of it, it’ll make a deep mark on the crypto market for years to come.

The specific reasons are varied, all of which we will explore, but the major reason is that it lets you earn revenue for making accurate BTC price predictions. Here, we will elaborate on the factors that are contributing to Green Bitcoin’s lucrative prospects as well as provide information about its presale.

Green Bitcoin Is Making Waves In The Crypto Market

Several key trends in today’s crypto market converge in Green Bitcoin: most notably, its involvement in the crypto space along with a focus on eco-friendliness and staking. This combination forms what the project calls “Gameified Green Staking,” a design philosophy described as enabling exponential rewards and potential token bonuses up to 100%. The team characterizes it as a fusion of Bitcoin’s legacy and Ethereum’s environmentally conscious blockchain, attracting considerable interest from a wide range of people.

The design philosophy itself is clear and intuitive. It introduces a unique staking model intricately tied to Bitcoin’s price movements, all while maintaining an eco-friendly footprint. The process involves staking GBTC, correlated with Bitcoin’s price activity and forecasts, and waiting for the designated staking period before claims can be initiated.

Green Bitcoin operates as a Proof-of-Stake network with just 35 Wh of energy use, significantly lower than other networks, including BTC, BTC Cash, and BTC SV. Among its notable features are weekly prediction challenges, fostering continual engagement among its users.

Importantly, the staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a key factor, and Green Bitcoin excels here, currently boasting an impressive APY of 600%. This promising figure hints at the project’s potential growth trajectory. Looking at the presale details, it’s worth noting an affiliate signup bonus of 15%.

As you can see, this project stands out in its offerings. There aren’t many like it and it is sure to make a big splash when it eventually hits exchanges later on. Even before that, it looks poised to make a considerable impact during the presale. The coming weeks and months really appear full of great potential for investors seeking an early entry into a hidden gem.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Presale Is Selling Like Hot Case

The token presale has seen itself go through multiple stages, with the current price of the token being $0.3543. When the token lists, it will cost $0.60. So far, it has raised nearly $89,000.

A large portion of the total GBTC token supply, 40%, is allocated for the presale, while 27.5% is set aside for staking rewards. 17.5% goes to marketing, 10% to liquidity, and the remaining 5% to community rewards.

After the presale, the team outlines important milestones, including launching staking and prediction features. Once the token is on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), the team will focus on community building and ecosystem growth.

Excitement surrounds the token’s trajectory after the presale, with major growth potential anticipated. By offering investors eco-friendly practices and staking rewards, the token has appealing features.

Prospective investors should participate early in the token sale for maximum benefits, as early participation maximizes growth potential. Positioned uniquely in crypto, the token could emerge as a major phenomenon, making an impact in the space. As such, monitoring the presale’s progress is important, given its potential.

Of course, more information will come out in the coming weeks, so investors should also follow Green Bitcoin’s social media.


The cryptocurrency market is lively at the moment, particularly with ventures like Green Bitcoin (GBTC) taking center stage. This undertaking gives benefits to all included gatherings and can possibly set new patterns in the crypto space. We recommend taking a look at the presale and engaging with the project through its online platforms.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.