Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Brings Gamified Green Staking To Crypto Market – Along with Exponential Rewards

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Everyone’s on the lookout for the next big token, but these can be hard to find, given how many crypto assets are in the market. Of course, you’ve got to still sift through all the info and analyze the project, which only strains the investment process even more.

One token that looks clearly set to make a big splash, however, is Green Bitcoin (GBTC), a recent entrant that has made several headlines despite the fact that it has only made itself known to crypto circles.

The project is interesting for several reasons, as we shall see, and definitely has the potential to reshape the crypto market and establish new trends. We explain why this project has so much potential. Of course, we also provide information on the presale.

Why Does Green Bitcoin Matter?

There are a few trends in the crypto market right now and Green Bitcoin involves all of them: the first is crypto of course, and the other two are eco-friendliness and staking. It classifies this entire design philosophy Gamified Green Staking, which it explains as allowing exponential rewards and up to 100% in token bonuses. The team describes it as “Combining Bitcoin’s Legacy and Ethereum’s Eco-Friendly Blockchain.” It’s all quite a lot and you can see why so many people are interested in this project.

That design philosophy is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. It is a unique staking model that is directly tied to the price action of Bitcoin, but it does not have any environmental impact. The way it works is like this: you stake GBTC, which is tied to price movements and prediction of Bitcoin, You then have to wait out the staking period, after which claims can be made.

Green BTC is a Proof-of-Stake network with 35 Wh of energy usage. This is far less energy usage than other networks, including BTC, BTC Cash, and BTC SV. As for the features, Green Bitcoin includes such things as weekly prediction challenges. This is a good way to keep the audience engaged over time.

Of course, the staking APY itself has to be good and that’s exactly what Green Bitcoin does. Currently, it offers an APY of up to 999%, which is extremely promising and a sign of things to come by the looks of it. On that note, let’s offer some basic information on the presale. Bear in mind that there’s an affiliate signup of 15%—which is likely to make the presale go viral as buyers can earn for every person they refer to the project.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Presale Kicks Off

The presale is divided into various stages. The early presale period, which just ended, saw the token priced at $0.27. The current stage is priced at $0.30, which rises steadily over the course of the presale until its listing price of $0.60. In the case of Green Bitcoin, the early bird certainly gets the worm, and fence-sitters would be wise to get in as early as possible.

40% of the GBTC token supply has been set aside for the presale, with 27.5% budgeted for the staking rewards. Marketing gets 17.5% of the supply, while liquidity gets 10%. The remaining 5% is allocated for community rewards.

The team has also tentatively talked about what happens after the presale. Some of the more important items on the agenda are seeing the staking and predictions go live. After the token is released onto DEXs, the team will focus on building the community and fostering the ecosystem.

It looks like this token is going to kick off greatly after the presale, and there is certainly a lot of room for growth. It gives investors a chance to both be eco-friendly and earn through staking, which are as attractive features as any.

As such, would-be investors will want to get in on this token as early as possible. The earlier the better, as there is more potential for growth. It offers something new in the crypto market, so it could become a truly large phenomenon that takes over the crypto space. At the very least, one should keep an eye on it to see where it goes.


The crypto market is looking sharp right now, with projects like Green Bitcoin (GBTC) making themselves known. The project has benefits for all stakeholders, and it truly can set new trends in the crypto world. We recommend taking a look at the presale and meaning of the project on its social channels as well.