21 May 2022 · 2 min read

Grand Time’s Ecosystem Of Decentralized Solutions Add Accessibility For Crypto’s Onramp

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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the concept of money, empowering millions of people worldwide to become financially independent. And Grand Time - the community-driven ecosystem of Web 3.0 solutions - is leveraging blockchain technology to enable users to monetize their time.

Not only does the platform enable users to make the transition to a decentralized economy faster and smoother, but it also empowers people to generate a stable income through its Grand Social Mining and Grand GIG Tasks marketplace. While there are several similar solutions across the Web 2.0 ecosystem, Grand Time stands out because of its community-focused approach. The platform gives back all of the revenue generated from its solutions to the community.

For instance, the revenue generated through its GIG Tasks marketplace is directly deposited into the platform’s “Grand Exchange Program” rewards pool. The Grand Time community of global users can access the funds as and when needed. Since all funds are kept in the rewards pool, users can simply exchange their $GRAND token rewards from the collection.

Since its launch, the Grand Time has focused on the value of time. The platform introduced the blockchain-enabled decentralized time mechanism that allows users to monetize every moment of their lives. Users can earn $GRAND tokens by participating in simple social media tasks, the majority of which don’t require any technical knowledge. There are a lot of simple tasks on the Grand Social Mining platform, including but not limited to liking and commenting on posts, promoting projects, or other similar activities requested by advertisers. Upon the successful completion of the tasks, users receive $GRAND tokens as rewards.

Likewise, the Grand GIG Tasks marketplace, too, allows users to perform simple digital tasks and convert every second spent on tasks to $GRAND tokens. The GIG tasks marketplace lists thousands of simple tasks like surveys, feedback, voting, and airdrops. All tasks are listed by businesses and performed by the Grand Time community members on the Grand Social Mining platform.

Making A Real Difference In The Lives Of Many

The Grand Time has always focused on making crypto accessible for all while at the same time creating stable income opportunities for people, especially for people from developing and underdeveloped economies who live under the poverty line of less than USD 4 per day. 

According to the Grand Time team, the platform aims to support the efforts of 1.3 billion people living below the poverty line to earn a minimum of USD 5 to USD 10 per day. Users who are more active on the platform and perform more than 100 tasks per day make as much as USD 100 per day, while others are generating upwards of USD 200 per day for their efforts. 

The report also shows that the Grand Time platform has facilitated more than 80,000 gig-based tasks, distributing over USD 2 million worth of $GRAND tokens to its community of users across more than 93 countries.