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Gnox (GNOX), Synthetix (SNX) And STEPN (GMT) Could Be Your Key To Unlocking Wealthy Elite Status

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It’s been hard to pick the right crypto to help elevate your status into the elite-tier recently. Lots of the market has been in turmoil. Now more than ever, solid research into the long-term fundamentals of a project is crucially important. You can’t just pick a coin and hope it moons like you used to be able to. But that doesn’t mean gains aren’t still possible. There’s still a big future for the crypto space even if we might be in a slight downturn—you just have to know where to look. And with these 3 crypto projects, you could be onto a winner even while much of the wider market struggles. Market analysts are predicting big things for Gnox, Synthetix and STEPN. Let’s have a look at why…

Gnox (GNOX)

If it’s both long-term potential as well as a short-term upside you’re looking for, then Gnox could be the perfect choice. Not only are prices up massively in recent weeks, but this one has huge long-term potential, thanks to its innovative Yield Farming as a Service (YFAAS) system. With YFAAS, GNOX holders get to enjoy real long-term passive income gains without any of the hassle that’s often associated with DeFi investment strategies. You don’t have to stake coins yourself. You don’t even have to know what staking is. You can just sit back and enjoy passive income gains thanks to a treasury of funds that are invested for you. You just get the returns from these investments (and a say in their risk levels with governance votes).

And it’s this simplicity that sets the GNOX platform apart from much of the rest of the DeFi space. Passive income gains are available, but many regular and institutional investors have been reluctant to get involved with complicated protocols they simply don’t understand. With GNOX, they don’t need to, they just get real passive income without any of the stress.

And GNOX is still available at a discount because it’s still in pre-sale. Now could be the perfect time to buy as it continues to gain in price and popularity.

Synthetix (SNX)

Synthetix is another important part of the financial future of crypto. As the backbone for DeFi derivatives trading, it’s key in giving more traditional investors access to solutions they might already have enjoyed in the mainstream finance world. While derivatives trading might not be for newcomers like GNOX is, SNX is still an important part of revolutionizing DeFi investment opportunities.

And on a price level, SNX has performed incredibly well over the last few weeks, even when the rest of the market has struggled. Prices are up in the short and medium-term. It could be a great investment right now.


STEPN is another incredibly innovative idea. It gives users the chance to earn while they work out or perform other physical activity, and is perhaps at the forefront of the crypto-lifestyle space. While prices are down from all-time highs, now could be a good time to pick up GMT at a discount.

GNOX, SNX and GMT all back up incredibly innovative projects. They could be the future of the crypto space, and they could help you reach elite-tier wealth if you add them to your portfolio.

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