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Get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This book is for you!

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Invest successfully in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin ? Simple question but so complex to answer… Bitcoin has done an incredible rally last weeks and drew a lot of attention. How can we explain that ?

Here are some parts of the answer :

  • Bitcoin created the blockchain.
  • Bitcoin has never been hacked.
  • Bitcoin is censorship resistant.
  • Bitcoin works without intermediary.
  • Bitcoin is always rising over the long term.
  • Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last ten years
  • Bitcoin is here to stay.
  • Bitcoin is already impacting our economy.
  • Bitcoin is still the king of cryptocurrency market.

But despite all its qualities, Bitcoin is still mysterious for most people and there is not so much easy documentation about it. That’s why I decided to change this. If you are interested to start in this market but need a helping hand, the book “Invest Successfully in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” is for you. Here are the 3 main qualities of the book.

1) A structured approach

The book is divided into 7 modules that will guide you throughout your learning, starting with the basics of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to gradually move up to more advanced subjects.
You can find the detail below:

Invest successfully in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Before investing, it is fundamental that you first understand how the market works and what is the technology used by these cryptocurrencies. It is with this knowledge base that you will then be able to manage and maximize your investment.
The main goal of this book is to train you, to prepare you as well as possible to benefit from this very dynamic market.

2) Simple and visual explanations

The major advantage of this book is the presentation of technical data and concepts. On each page you will find a graph or a diagram to facilitate your reading.

The book contains more than 100 visuals to put the explanations in situation. You can find few examples below :

Invest successfully in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

3) Accessible for all

This book will suit most of profile :

If you are a novice in cryptocurrencies.

  • This book will simplify all technical concepts so that you have no problem with understanding. Follow this book as it is structured to not miss any information. The goal is that you understand cryptocurrencies before you start investing.

If you already know the cryptocurrency market.

  • Some elements will no doubt be familiar to you but they will reinforce your knowledge on the subject. In addition, you will find more advanced information during your reading (risk management, trading, portfolio management…).

At the end of each module, the book makes sure you understood all essential information to continue!

Invest successfully in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

With this book you can finally understand all stakes surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and start peacefully your journey in this market !

Order the book “Invest Successfully in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies“.