08 Oct 2021 · 3 min read

Get Ready for $DOSE Voucher Presale, Your Ticket to OliveX (BVI)’s Sweat-To-Win Ecosystem

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The 24-hour presale will go live on the Animoca Brands Launchpad on October 12.

Alongside our announcement across social media this week, we are happy to share details on the DOSE token voucher presale, which is launching next week.

If you have followed DOSE on Twitter, or Telegram, you may have already registered for the coming sale event via our Gleam campaign. If not, then now is your chance to do so!

This article will also provide a step-by-step guide on how the presale works, and what you will need to prepare ahead of the launch itself on October 12.

Where to Join the Presale

The presale will take place on the newly launched Animoca Brands Launchpad. When the presale is open, buyers will be able to purchase DOSE Vouchers in two denominations: h To purchase these vouchers, buyers can use tokens from the Animoca Brands family, which includes SAND, REVV, LMT, GMEE, TOWER, BONDLY and PROS.

DOSE token vouchers will remain open for 24 hours, or until all vouchers have been purchased. The presale begins on October 12, 8:00 p.m. (GMT +8), and ends on October 13, 8:00 p.m. (GMT +8).

Note that the presale is only open to those who joined the Gleam campaign, which went live on October 4. If you missed our announcement, there is still time to join the campaign, which will end on October 12, 6:00 p.m. (GMT +8) — shortly before the presale starts.

Eligible participants should have already completed the KYC process and verified their ID as part of the Gleam campaign. Only KYC verified buyers will be able to participate.

Voucher Presale Details

During this presale, the DOSE token will be offered at half the first listing price, at USD 0.015 per-token. This discount is only available with this sale.

Buyers can purchase a maximum of 5 vouchers in a single transaction, of a single denomination. There is no limit on the total amount of vouchers per-wallet.

The amount of vouchers available per-token is equal, with the token price for each to be set and released a day ahead of the sale.

The DOSE Vouchers come in two forms: 33,333 DOSE (valued at USD 500) and 16,667 DOSE tokens (valued at USD 250).

All DOSE Vouchers from this presale come with a lock-up period of six months.

The maximum number of available vouchers to purchase with each token is listed below. For example, there will be a total of 210 vouchers available for purchase with REVV, 70 of the available vouchers will be 33,333 DOSE, and 140 of the available vouchers will be 16,667 DOSE. The DOSE vouchers come in two forms: 33,333 DOSE (valued at USD 500) and 16,667 DOSE tokens (valued at USD 250).

How to Buy DOSE Vouchers

First, access the presale page at Animoca Brands Launchpad either on desktop or mobile. After connecting your Ethereum wallet, select the voucher you wish to buy for the currency you are purchasing with, and then select the total vouchers that you want to purchase for this transaction (max. 5 per transaction).

This sale is on Ethereum, so all tokens being used should be the Ethereum version of the token, and you will also need ETH to pay for the transaction cost.

More About $DOSE Tokens

We’d like to say a huge thank you to those who took part in our Gleam campaign and showed your enthusiasm for $DOSE.

If you’re new to our token, here’s a quick primer: $DOSE is an ERC-20 utility token for run-to-win games within the OliveX (BVI) gamified fitness ecosystem. It is central to the gameplay of Dustland Runner, the world’s first “proof-of-workout” audio game, and is integrated into other fitness apps such as KARA Smart Fitness and 22 Pushups.

The name of the token is inspired by the four chemicals that are released when you exercise — dopamine (D), oxytocin (O), serotonin (S), and endorphin (E). You can read more about our token and the various games and features in the OliveX (BVI) ecosystem.

$DOSE token contract address: 0xb31ef9e52d94d4120eb44fe1ddfde5b4654a6515

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Legal Disclaimer

Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. Residents from China, the United States of America, South Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Pakistan, Algeria, and Morocco are not permitted to join this contest. The $DOSE token team and its affiliates do not bear legal responsibilities in the case that individuals refuse to comply with international laws applicable to their respective jurisdictions. The $DOSE team is not liable for any loss or legal liability incurred by individuals in the event the individuals violate the terms of their respective jurisdictions. Please consult the respective laws governing your region for the most accurate information.