12 Dec 2022 · 2 min read

Get In on the Ground Floor With RobotEra, the New Metaverse Crypto Platform – Next 10x Presale?

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New Sandbox-like project RobotEra is set to be the market leader in metaverse gaming, with its TARO token presale already raising over $525,000 in a matter of weeks.

Will RobotEra be the next 10x presale?

Earn Profits in the Metaverse

RobotEra is a new metaverse gaming platform making significant rounds. The platform is notable for its ability to combine several impressive Web3 concepts, ranging from the metaverse to non fungible tokens (NFTs). And as the blockchain gaming space continues to thrive even amid the market downturn, many expect RobotEra to see significant gains down the line. 

The project, which LBank Labs back, takes players to a metaverse planet called Taro. According to the game's storyline, Taro was destroyed following a cataclysmic event. After settling, the planet is now ready for a new lease on life, and players are tasked with rebuilding this virtual world.

In RobotEra, players are able to choose avatars and purchase properties, ranging from land and buildings to billboards and more. All of these properties, including the participants' avatars, are NFTs. As a result, players can own everything they buy and monetize it whenever and however they wish. 

 Players can also earn rewards by completing quests and participating in metaverse events, mining resources from the land, cultivating sacred trees, and constructing and selling structures and assets.

All NFTs are tradable within RobotEra, ensuring free flow of liquidity within this ecosystem. And as more players join the game, there will be even more money flowing around in the ecosystem. 

No Skills Needed

RobotEra is great for several reasons. A prominent one is that the game allows players to build structures and monetize their assets without coding skills. This means that players can earn profits regardless of their technical knowledge. 

Also, RobotEra is incredibly intuitive. Players have different channels through which they can earn and multiple activities where they can engage and have fun with others. They can go on quests and adventures within the metaverse planet, engaging themselves and other players as they enjoy their experience within the virtual world. 

Personalization is another benefit of RobotEra. The game provides different building tools for players to use, with the ability to customize their structures with music themes, artwork, soundtracks, and much more. 

With the metaverse expected to be the next frontier for human interactions, platforms like RobotEra have a massive window of opportunity for growth. 

Buy TARO For Gains 

RobotEra has a blockchain gaming token, like other gaming platforms. The digital asset, which has the ticker TARO, is currently available on presale and has done quite well. 

The whole ecosystem of RobotEra is powered by TARO, which can also be used as a governance token and is used for everything in-game.

So far, TARO has raised over $525,000 via its presale. The asset has been available for less than two months now, and its ability to raise so much, even amid the bear market, has been impressive.

TARO is currently in its first presale stage for $0.020, although its price is expected to surge over different presale stages. 

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