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Get Ahead of the Game and Tap Into the Future of Carbon Credits With This New Crypto

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More vehicle owners are pivoting to battery-powered saloon cars as interest in green technology ramps up. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), battery-powered vehicles recorded a 12.1% sales figure in the EU region, with hybrid vehicles posting a 22.6% increase in sales for 2022. 

Although fossil-fueled vehicles still took a significant chunk of sales at 36.4% for the said period, EV sales went up 3% from its 2021 sales figure. With the growing interest in the nascent car niche, charging issues for the millions of battery-powered automobiles are becoming prevalent.

The new crypto blockchain project C+Charge changes this dynamic by providing the required access via the CCHG token, which also serves as a network token for the project.

The Problem With EVs

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every day. These vehicles are regarded as the automotive industry’s future, with more people appreciating their ability to operate without using fossil fuels. This is due to their low cost and environmental friendliness, and the trend is expected to continue as more companies enter the industry.

The problem, however, is that EVs are also not yet optimized. Charging is a significant issue for EV owners, with many lacking easy access to charging stations. And as more people purchase these vehicles, it appears that the current charging infrastructure will be unable to meet the increased demand.

In the first half of 2022, the number of EVs driven increased by 87.5% in the United States alone. By comparison, the growth in charging port numbers was pegged to just 31%. 

Besides this, there is also the problem of EV drivers lacking real-time information on the charging stations that are currently operational. Pricing for these stations is also not transparent, which means that EV owners have no way of knowing whether or not they are getting a good deal on their charging station costs. All these obstacles will impede the global transition to EVs as well as the expansion of the climate agenda if not addressed.

The C+Charge Solution

C+Charge is a new blockchain-based tool looking to develop a resilient charging and payment system for EV owners. The platform makes it easy and convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles while providing impressive rewards for them. 

With C+Charge, EV owners will be able to make seamless payments to charge their vehicles, courtesy of the platform’s native CCHG token. When they make payments, they will be rewarded with carbon credits in the form of Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which are stored in their accounts on the C+Charge mobile app. 

GNT token represents a verified voluntary carbon credit, and it is backed by multiple big names in the tech and investment spaces – including Invesco, Samsung Labs, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Essentially, drivers earn more GNT as they drive and charge their EVs more. CCHG owners will also get a chance to earn carbon credits passively, so it’s a win-win for them.  

It is worth noting that C+Charge is looking to do more than offer carbon credits. With CCHG, EV owners can easily pay for charging their vehicles while getting real-time information on pricing and other important data. 

Additionally, the C+Charge mobile app provides access to data on charging stations. This way, they never get stranded and can easily access charging stations when needed.

CCHG: The Next Big Coin

As crypto investors look for high-value coins, C+Charge’s native CCHG token seems like a great option. The digital asset has a solid use case, powering payments on the C+Charge platform. Just as well, investors can hold CCHG to earn carbon credits. 

It is also worth noting that CCHG has a deflationary structure. Every transaction burns 1% of the token, meaning the supply of CCHG decreases whenever it is used for payment.

So far, CCHG’s presale has garnered over $698,000 in its presale. The figures are especially impressive given that the presale is taking place during one of the worst bear markets in crypto history.

Interested investors can now purchase a CCHG token for the current price of $0.013. However, the crypto asset is expected to be listed on centralized exchanges by March 31.

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