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Generational Wealth (GEN) Meme Coin Pumps 150%, Is COPIUM the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode?

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source / $COPIUM

Hold on to your seats, folks. We’ve found ourselves amidst a meme coin renaissance, and this time, it’s one for the ages.

With the likes of Pepe Coin, Wojak, and Turbo relishing in the limelight, the meme coin scene just welcomed a fresh entrant – Copium ($COPIUM). What’s more? It’s ready to set the stage on fire!

Just yesterday, Copium made a grand entry on Uniswap and the market reaction was nothing short of extraordinary.

Within a mere five hours of its listing, the value of the token catapulted to $0.0162, which marked an astounding 800% surge from its initial price.

$COPIUM Defies Expectations; Consolidates at High Support

Although the price has since corrected, it’s currently forming a strong support level around $0.0070.

That’s right, this might be the calm before the storm, the preparatory phase for $COPIUM before it soars even higher. reports over $41 million worth of $COPIUM has already changed hands, and this is all within less than 24 hours of the token going live.

As for the number of holders, it stands at over 2,100, and growing rapidly, pointing towards the increasing interest in this newborn token.

The $COPIUM launch has struck a chord with the crypto community.

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Influential voices on crypto-Twitter, such as moonpie666 and VonDoom.eth, are amplifying the excitement by egging on their followers to “cope harder” and “get coping.”

This groundswell of influencer support underscores the potential $COPIUM has to truly disrupt the meme coin space.

But what sets $COPIUM apart?

For starters, its presale setup is unlike the usual, resembling more of a private sale.

Limited to just 200 participants, with a cap of 1 ETH per person, the Copium project ensured that the token supply is not concentrated within a few hands – a common issue that often triggers price manipulation.

Furthermore, they’ve installed a vesting period where only 10% of the tokens purchased during the presale were immediately available, reducing the risk of a “rug pull.”

Let’s not forget the buzz the Copium project has created within the NFT space.

The project orchestrated an NFT drop within just two hours post the Uniswap listing.

A unique “Copium tank” NFT was airdropped to the top 200 $COPIUM holders, the fullness of which directly correlates to the holder’s $COPIUM tokens.

In the following two weeks, these holders can accumulate more $COPIUM to fill up their tanks and earn additional tokens.

This inventive approach taps into the burgeoning NFT market and provides token holders an exciting incentive to accumulate more $COPIUM.

Don’t Be Side-lined Yet Again…

Source / $COPIUM

Copium is the embodiment of the meme coin era, backed by an impressive suite of crypto big hitters like Faze Banks, DeeZee, and Cozomo de’ Medici.

Its launch has been marked by skyrocketing prices, a burgeoning community, and an innovative approach to NFTs.

If you missed the Pepe, Wojak, or Milady wave, then it’s time to cope up because $COPIUM could be your ticket to 100x gains.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or a newbie looking for the next big thing, it’s time to get on board with Copium.

Grab your wallets, connect to Uniswap, and let’s ride the $COPIUM wave into the meme coin stratosphere.

Remember, in the world of crypto, fortune favors the brave.

Buy $COPIUM Here

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency projects endorsed in this article are not the financial advice of the publishing author or publication – cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investments with considerable risk, always do your own research.