12 May 2022 · 4 min read

GEMTRX - Perfected Cloud Mining Now Stands Alongside Other Mining Such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Decades ago, every major software computer company would maintain basements full of computers that crunched numbers day and night. Rooms the size of gymnasiums would be devoted to the servers that keep the lights on.

That all changed in the era of cloud computing. Instead of sacrificing precious underground real estate, software companies began to rent computing power from warehouses full of powerful machines hosted elsewhere.

Cloud mining brings this same principle – outsourcing computational work – to cryptocurrency mining, the process of running powerful computers that mine for coins like Bitcoin, TRX, and Ethereum. Instead of buying expensive computers to mine these coins yourself, you can rent the computing power of a specialized miner from a cloud mining company based anywhere in the world.

What’s more, when you pay for cloud mining services, you’re renting part of a pool of a great deal of computational power, meaning that you’re more likely to beat other, less powerful bitcoin miners that are racing to generate a winning hash that earns them TRX.

What Is Tron (TRX)?

Launched in 2018, TRON is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency projects in the digital ecosystem. TRON was established to create a genuinely decentralized network for users, democratizing governance, providing robust utility, and enabling low-cost transactions globally.

To this date, TRON manages to keep its blockchain low-cost and currently features a market capitalization of over USD 6.4 billion. It’s one of the most popular layer-1 blockchains in the Asian market, providing a host of utilities to users worldwide.

Like Ethereum and BNB chain, Tron features its popular TRC-20 token standard enabling developers to easily build applications on its platform. Moreover, TRON’s low-cost high-speed blockchain is extremely competitive and makes for a perfect choice for those looking to start cloud mining with cryptocurrency.

Gem-TRX Is a Top-Rated TRON (TRX) Cloud Mining Service

Launched in 2018, GemTRX is one of the leading TRON cloud mining companies and service providers. Its purpose is to provide users with significant income on their investment and maximize the interests of each user, leveraging large wealth with relatively low capital.

GemTRX pursues long-term strategic partnerships with various partners to ensure an easy cloud mining experience for users, providing them with daily returns that they can withdraw from the platform in the form of TRX tokens.

GemTRX is laser-focused on TRON cloud mining, making it one of the leading cloud mining services on the blockchain. The company allows users to mine the TRX cryptocurrency with a low-cost cloud service.

GEM-TRX incentives:

There are two main ways to earn with GemTRX. The Basic Account is used to mine in cloud mining. You'll get 5% - 10% daily profits and the withdrawal limit is 2.80% - 6% based on your deposit amount depending on our VIP level.

VIP level:

VIP 1  DEPOSIT (0.00 - 29999.99) INCOME (5%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (2.8%)

VIP 2  DEPOSIT (30000.00 - 1999999.99) INCOME (6%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (3%)

VIP 3  DEPOSIT (200000.00 - 999999.99) INCOME (7%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (3.4%)

VIP 4  DEPOSIT (1000000.00 - 9999999.99) INCOME (8%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (4%)

SVIP  DEPOSIT (10000000.00 - 99999999999.00 INCOME (10%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (6%)

The second way is an affiliate program for users that will reward them with extra rewards. You can invite users by sending your own invitation code by clicking the “Share” button on the platform and copy-pasting the link and sharing it via social media.

If users invite friends who deposit funds to their accounts they will receive rebates. Below is the complete breakdown of the various levels and rebates users can accumulate:

If you invite A user and complete registration, you'll get 30TRX.

A user invites B user and completes registration, you'll get 20TRX.

B user invites C user and completes registration, you'll get 10TRX. 

Trading Rebate: 

Based on your down-line mining income per time.

A user mine 10000TRX and get 500TRX, you'll get 50TRX(10%).

A user invites B user to mine 10000TRX and gets 500TRX, you'll get 25TRX(5%).

B user invites C user mines 10000TRX and get 500TRX, you'll get 15TR (3%). 

Deposit Rebate:

Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

If A user recharges 10000TRX, you'll get 1200TRX(12%).

A user invites B user to recharge 10000TRX, you'll get 200TRX(2%).

B user invites C user to recharge 10000TRX, you'll get 100TRX(1%). 

 (can be fully withdrawn)

Is cloud mining profitable?

Yes, it can be. There are upfront costs – you’ll have to pay to rent these miners, and mining pools can also take a cut of your profits. It can be worthwhile, but some analysts think you might be better off just buying TRX instead.


Cryptocurrency mining via the cloud could be really profitable if you deal with it the right way. With a trusted hash provider such as GEMTRX, you have a real chance to get profit regularly and make passive income in cryptocurrency coins. By reading this review, you can choose a proper cryptocurrency cloud service to start mining TRX without investing all your life savings. For more information, please visit the GEMTRX website.