29 Dec 2021 · 3 min read

GamesPad Unveils a Game Incubator, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and More

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

The GameFi industry has recently witnessed the raise of the next big thing - GamesPad.

The newest chapter in online gaming showcases the future of innovation through the development of blockchain technology, GameFi, and the solidification of the highly successful play-to-earn gaming model. These advancements unlock infinite opportunities that gaming and cryptocurrency industries have yet to see. Opportunities that will transform the world as we know it, bringing us closer to a digital utopia. 

What GameFi aims to achieve is to combine the leisure of game-play with the exciting investment opportunities of the crypto markets. But the future holds so much more, add in the advancement of blockchain technology and NFTs and GameFi is a booming economy, a disruptive industry, and an accessible opportunity that has spread around the world like wildfire.

GamesPad takes these exciting emerging innovations and combines them to form a powerhouse ecosystem, a way to solidify and propel GameFi into the future where it can embrace its full potential. As a first-of-its-kind system, GamesPad encompasses everything the industry has set out to become, and makes it accessible and equitable to every type of buyer. Step into the future with GamesPad, and see what exciting opportunities await.

The First Holistic Gaming Ecosystem

As a gaming system with a holistic approach to the industry, GamesPad hosts many key features that transcend it into a whole new generation of crypto gaming projects. Some of the most anticipated features are:

  • Game-Focused Launchpad

A main feature of GamesPad is their comprehensive multichain launchpad, where high-quality blockchain games will be able to raise funding. The launchpad will also hold Initial Game Offerings (IGO), Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMO), Initial NFT Offerings (INO), and land sales, as well as provide early-stage access to investors who want to be a part of promising projects. 

  • Decentralized VC

As a decentralized venture capital fund, GamesPad allows individuals to collectively pool capital and invest it into projects that will advance the industry towards a decentralized future. Instead of traditional VCs that are slow and heavily regulated, GamesPad shifts the power to the individual using the flexible and globally accessible blockchain where rapid and permissionless cryptocurrency secures the investment.

  • Game Incubator

Projects brought into the GamesPad ecosystem will be supported under the guidance of expert advisors who will assist in streamlining, motivating, and mentoring progress. This focus on incubating game entrepreneurs and their teams helps equip them with the skills needed to run a successful blockchain studio, as well as promote and launch their first projects into the global market. GamesPad core team has an extensive network of partnerships in the crypto industry, leading startups on the pathway towards success.

  • NFT Aggregator and Marketplace

GamesPad will provide access to the purchase and sales of the industry's most exclusive NFTs. The platforms NFT aggregator and marketplace will be responsible for collecting and organizing real-time data around blockchain assets and market trends. Optimize NFT purchases and educate on thoughtful investment decisions through GamesPad's comprehensive platform.


The combination of so many unique and powerful blockchain gaming features all in one holistic ecosystem, backed by a highly knowledgable team of industry experts, shows just how much potential a powerhouse like GamesPad can achieve. Massive growth in the gaming industry, coupled with the fast-moving race to the metaverse, as shown by the focusing pivot of big corporations, like Meta (formally Facebook), Nike, and Prada, serve as a super-favorable environment for GamesPad to thrive. 

With a rock-solid foundation in an evolving and dynamic industry, GamesPad plans to scale from a vertically integrated gaming ecosystem supported by the network of studio partnerships and decentralized deal flow, to a joint venture with a gaming and metaverse studio. A bold and exciting roadmap to success that highlights the brightest and most profitable aspects of the future of crypto-gaming.