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Gala Games Crypto Price Prediction November - Calvaria P2E Game Stronger Alternative?

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Gala Games token is kicking off today and has ravenously pumped over 15% in the last 24-hours. Is the play-to-earn sector paving its way to recovery? 

According to Coinmarketcap Gala Games is now trading at $0.042 with a market capital of $297 million. Will Gala Games pump and what alternative options could be stronger for the remainder of 2022? 

Gala Games Crypto Price Prediction

The vibrant and immersive Gala Games ecosystem is thriving today as the bulls manage to bring the price back up over $0.042. 

It comes with no surprise that upon reaching a critical resistance of $0.0492 earlier today there has already been a retracement of roughly 13.1%.

GALA/USDT - Daily Time Frame.

As we can see the price of Gala Games soared all the way up to $0.049 and the daily candle now has a long wick attached to the body reflecting a great deal of selling pressure.

It is also worth noting another key data point from August where the price also got close to being overbought on the relative strength index, although, at the particular point the price was higher however had the same greedy sentiment surrounding it. 

On the macro-scale Gala Games crypto is still trading in a giant falling wedge and has a key level of support at $0.03892 which it could back test one more time before potentially exploding.

A solid entry for Gala Games would have been around the 20th of October where the price was around $0.032 and was also momentarily over-sold on the relative strength index. 

Now, retail traders might get tempted to FOMO and chase the green candles which could potentially lead to a big mistake. 

Whilst Gala Games could deliver strong returns over the next few years (next crypto bull run) the price action could remain feeble and unpromising for the remainder of 2022 unless Bitcoin takes a serious u-turn above $30,000. 

Gala Games Video Analysis

Gala Games is an exciting ecosystem and NFT platform but zooming out on the price charts still reflects that GALA is in a major downtrend and is consistently producing lower-highs and lower-lows simultaneously. 

It will require a great deal of accumulation to bump the price back up again towards previous all time highs.

Calvaria Stronger Alternative? 

The recent pumps from play-to-earn and Metaverse tokens reflects that there is still a huge amount of value and demand for crypto games and NFT's. 

Whilst Bitcoin continues to consolidate and trade sideways, many investors are turning their eyes towards altcoins and the next potential 10x presales such as Calvaria

Calvaria is an exciting P2E battle card game where players are able to earn and upgrade their cards to become the ultimate force on the battlefield. 

What gives Calvaria so much upside potential is that it is currently in presale and has raised $817,835 during a crypto bear market. 

Currently 1 USDT acquires 50 RIA tokens (the native token of Calvaria) but once the presale raises $1.35m the price will go up and 1 USDT will only acquire 40 RIA tokens. 

The tokenomics are also extremely bullish and the maximum supply is a very low 1 billion tokens, this makes it possible for the price to potentially reach somewhere between $0.50-$1 depending on the success of the launch. 

Calvaria also boasts many more unique selling points and has the competitive edge over other P2E battle card games. This creates more investment appetite and means there is a good chance of a 10x upon public sale. 

Source: Calvaria Litepaper.

Being an early investor can yield benefits as the price could be very low compared to when it publically launches and gets deployed onto centralized or decentralized exchanges - you can use Tamadoge as an example which recently did a 19x in a crypto bear market. 

Interested parties can click here to research the white paper and Calvaria ecosystem.

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