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Gaining Exposure to Real Estate Has Just Been Made Easier, More Efficient and Secure - Here's How

Even though the real estate industry is booming, institutional investors make up most of its investor base. Due to the high entry barrier, retail investors are discouraged from entering. A new crypto project Metropoly aims to provide accessibility to real estate investment through fractional ownership of real estate NFTs, and investors can own 0.1% of the NFTs for $100.

The Metropoly ecosystem is sustained and enhanced via its native coin, $METRO. The digital asset is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token primarily used to reward investors or pay for listed real estate NFTs.

Metropoly has entered its ninth presale stage and has raised over $570,000. Interested investors can now purchase the $METRO token for $0.0625. 

Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Real estate should be accessible to all, and since people will always need a place to live, it is the ideal investment for those who are risk averse. However, existing roadblocks have prevented this industry from reaching its full potential. Let's take a look at some of the issues.

The real estate tax rates have gone up and are still rising, and a high tax rate could negate gains from the sale of a property. Investors are also overpaying taxes because so much of it is undefined.

Brokerage fees are an additional expense that might reduce the proceeds from the sale of a property. Furthermore, a broker's presence can frequently reduce a property's value. When a broker is present, investors frequently believe they are not receiving the full value of their assets.

Metropoly intends to address these issues by making the real estate market available to all users, regardless of credit score or place of origin.

The platform is a decentralized NFT marketplace that offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed by real-world assets, particularly real estate. The project hopes to democratize real estate investment by granting fractional ownership of these properties by splitting the NFTs attached to them. 

These fractional NFTs, which may be purchased for as little as $100, will enable NFT owners to split the profits from the aforementioned properties.

An Ecosystem Open to Everyone

The four pillars that support the Metropoly Ecosystem are the Marketplace, Launchpad, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and Real Estate NFTs.

The marketplace is where real estate NFTs are purchased and sold, and users can also place items on emergency sale or auction them off for less than their market value. Thanks to the emergency sale, they can sell the NFT for 75% of its original price. Also, charity organizations receive 25% of the net income generated.

The launchpad is a way to reward Metropoly Platinum Members, who are early adopters. They have early access to Real Estate Mints and can purchase them for 5% less than the asking price.

The NFTs holders can use the mortgage platform to borrow money with their NFTs as collateral. Finally, NFT holders also have voting rights that let them make important decisions about the properties represented by the fractional NFTS. This is a way for Metropoly to democratize the real estate space.

Invest in $METRO and Earn Passive Income 

With Metropoly, investors can earn passive income through not one but two different income venues. The first way is through rent. 

The platform will tokenize properties that are either vacation homes or long-term rental properties into NFTs. The owners of the fractional NFTS represented by this property will then receive a portion of the monthly rental income.

The second method involves value appreciation. Most properties on the Metropoly Marketplace are in well-known areas such as Dubai. Property prices in these highly desirable areas have risen in the past, and there are no indications that the rise will abate anytime soon. An increase in real estate values will have an equivalent effect on the value of NFTs that their owners can sell or auction for additional funds.

At the time of writing, $METRO is priced at $0.0625. The project is in its ninth presale stage and has raised more than $570,000. 


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