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The Future of EV Charging Is Here – Join the C+Charge Presale and Help Revolutionize Green Energy

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Even though the estimated number of electric vehicles (EVs) is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years, EV charging and payment frameworks are still insufficient to support widespread adoption. However, with blockchain technology, C+Charge, a crypto project, is creating a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for electric vehicle charging stations.

The platform’s utility token, $CCHG, is in the second of eight planned presale stages and has raised over $1.13 million. With three hours to the end of stage 2 and at the price of $0.0145, investors can join the wave and help revolutionize green energy. 

Green Energy for Environmental Sustainability

Several issues plague the electric vehicle industries, including unequal access to carbon credits, non-transparent pricing, and a need for EV charging payment solutions. 

Currently, EV drivers are not charged according to a set standard, and payment gateways used by charging stations need to be more consistent. Another factor preventing the installation of sufficient and accessible charging infrastructure is how carbon credits are skewed towards major businesses at the expense of others, including EV drivers.

A carbon credit permits the holder to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Despite an increase in EV sales, carbon credits are not widely used as a driving force for EV adoption as they should be.

In addition, large corporations frequently use carbon credits as a polluting-related tax. This enables them to continue emitting carbon and other greenhouse gases rather than implementing low-or no-carbon emission solutions.

To address these practical problems, C+Charge has developed a blockchain-based solution and offers a dynamic utility coin with practical applications. Thanks to C+Charge, everyone may easily and profitably join the EV revolution. 

The project’s creators contend that a swift transition to electric vehicles is required for everyone to have a sustainable future. This is due to electric vehicles (EVs) being the greenest form of mobility.

C+Charge is one of the few Web3 platforms with a simple, useful use case and a utility token that provides a useful benefit. The project will provide electricity to a network that aids in lowering carbon emissions and their detrimental environmental effects.

Join the Crypto-Fueled Project

C+Charge has the potential to start a revolution. The platform aspires to standardize EV charging prices, which delivers much-needed clarity to a sector in need and gives carbon credits to crypto and EV industry drivers.

The C+Charge mobile app will be the central hub for all EV owner charging needs. The app will manage payments and control the entire end-to-end charging procedure. 

The app also offers several features, such as a carbon credit tracker, a geographical charging station locator, checking the wait time at the charging station, and so forth. By using the C+Charge wallet and smartphone to recharge their vehicle, drivers who have the app can also earn additional carbon credit prizes.

The C+Charge mobile app is useful for more than just personal vehicles. It can also provide charged utility to municipal fleets, including city buses, heavy-duty trucks, delivery vans, or any EV commercial vehicle platform. By providing a simple charging experience for businesses, municipalities, and drivers, C+Charge is developing a new payment charging model that is good for the environment, society, and businesses.

Along with its network, C+Charge is working with several well-known companies in the EV sector to usher in crypto-powered energy. To supply charging technology for the C+Charge-operated stations, the team is working with Phihong. Phihong is a top producer of charging equipment for significant automakers. 

C+Charge and AmpUp are also collaborating to provide technical support to the stations. Additionally, the team is contacting EV-related businesses with the view to integrating the C+Charge platform into their infrastructure.

Invest in $CCHG

The C+Charge crypto token, $CCHG, powers the entire ecosystem, similar to most other cryptocurrency initiatives. Users will be able to pay for EV charging costs at the proper stations and participate in bigger network activities.

The project’s second presale stage is almost completed, and more than $1.13 million has been raised. Stage 1 price increased by 11.5%, from $0.01300 to $0.01450, and Stage 3 will begin on February 15 with a 10.3% increase to $0.0160.

MetaMask wallet downloaded on their browser. C+Charge recommends Trust Wallet or another wallet supported by Wallet Connect. The coin can be acquired using Metamask on a desktop computer or Trust Wallet on a mobile device via the built-in browser.
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