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The Future of Advertising: Surf Reward’s Passive Income Opportunity

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Surf Reward ($SURF) is generating popularity as it seeks to create a passive income opportunity for the future of advertising online.

The project has created an extension for all major browsers that exchange advertising space with their own advertising partners – creating a passive income for all viewers.

Furthermore, the project has an intuitive revenue-sharing model that uses the majority of advertising revenue to fund its liquidity pool for the benefit of investors.

As a result, investors believe that early adopters of this groundbreaking advertising ecosystem have the potential to experience more than 50x returns.

Surf Reward Set to Change Advertising Through Surf-2-Earn

Surf Reward has created an exciting protocol called Surf-2-Earn that’s set to change the advertising landscape.

Users who view advertisements when surfing the internet are rewarded with $SURF rewards, the BEP-20 native token behind the platform.

As a result, the profits from advertising go to the users of Surf Reward – not the greedy website operators distributing irrelevant advertisements.

The project was birthed from a German stock company called Albelius Capital AG, headquartered in Düsseldorf.

With over 3,000 advertising partners lined up to create revenues for Surf Reward users, a flexible staking app with no lock-in period, and the majority of ad revenue going straight to liquidity – Surf Reward sets the foundations for explosive growth following its presale.

What’s Wrong With the Advertising World Today?

With billions of dollars being poured into the advertising sector every year, it’s unsurprising that website operators seek to maximize their gains – displaying the highest-paying advertisements regardless of whether their audience is interested in them.

Not a penny of the ad revenue goes to the viewers constantly peppered with irrelevant advertisements when surfin’.

However, displaying irrelevant advertisements creates a vicious circle for everybody involved.

This is because savvy internet users have resorted to advertising blockers like AdBlock to remove advertisements from their browsing experience.

As a result, advertisers are paying huge sums, and a large portion of users aren’t even seeing their internet adverts.

It’s estimated that 615 million devices are currently using ad blockers – around 11% of the online globe.

Surf Reward intends to overhaul this legacy advertising dynamic by rewarding users for viewing adverts and providing targeted advertising for companies.

Groundbreaking Browser Extension to Provide Earnings Through Revenue-Sharing

Surf Reward has created a groundbreaking browser extension that provides internet surfers with earnings through its revenue-sharing model.

The browser extension is available on all major browsers, so users won’t have to change any of their browsing habits.

Furthermore, the browser extension empowers users by providing $SURF rewards for viewing privacy-friendly adverts while surfing.

Surf Reward intends to revolutionize digital advertising through its AdTech, bridging the gap between advertising partners and end-users.

The AdTech helps to replace irrelevant adverts with the advertising partners of Surf Reward, eliminating the annoyance of irrelevant advertising.

The ad revenue is distributed through the ecosystem cleverly, which rewards Surf Reward users and investors the most.

Surf Reward advertising partners pay for their distribution of adverts on the network.

From the ad revenue, viewers earn 30% of the revenue through viewing adverts.

Then, 60% is used to fund the $SURF liquidity pool, providing it a source of consistent demand.

The final 10% is used for marketing and development purposes.

As a result, advertisers get to have adverts reaching their target audience for better results.

At the same time, end-users are rewarded for seeing the adverts in $SURF tokens, and $SURF investors see the majority of the ad revenue through the liquidity pool injections.

This is a win-win scenario for everybody involved.

Get Positioned Early Before Prices Increase For Higher Gains

The presale for $SURF is currently underway, raising over $184,000 in its first few days of operation – demonstrating the building momentum behind this presale.

$SURF is the native token behind the platform and serves as a medium of exchange to reward users for viewing advertisements.

It’s a BEP-20 token that’s supported by all major wallets, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

The presale is currently selling the token for a price of $0.026 – providing the opportunity to get positioned at discounted prices.

However, the presale is using a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token will increase by $0.001 every 14 days.

The token will list at a price of $0.05, so everybody investing at this stage stands to leave the presale with high levels of unrealized gains.

Overall, $SURF has great long-term prospects. As its advertising network grows, the ad revenue generated will further benefit $SURF investors today, providing the opportunity for more than 50x returns.

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